10 Benefits of Dropbox That You Did Not Know

To use Dropbox is very easy yes, but may be some of the readers do not know that Dropbox offers a deeper experience of services.
Now this is the most important thing the data or information we have, the data can be a file docs, music or video. Dropbox is an increasingly popular Cloud Services or storage media on the Internet that can be accessed from anywhere; we need only an Internet connection.
Free, providing substantial storage space and can be upgraded is one of several advantages of Dropbox.

1. Make Favorite files to be accessed while offline

If you are an iPhone user you can tag pictures or text documents into a favorite. Furthermore, you can still access your favorite files in an online and offline.

2. Using Dropbox as Default Folder Documents

To save memory work and time, you can save files directly to Dropbox. For Mac users need simple commands in the terminal, for Windows users simply changing a few settings that exist. For users of Mac OS, open a terminal (in Utilities) and then typing the command cd Dropbox, press enter and then typing the command ln-s ~ / Dropbox / Documents ~ / Documents press enter again and the process is complete. For Windows users right-click on the My Documents folder select Properties-Location-Move Dropbox continue to select a folder on your PC.

3. Send Files to Dropbox using email as an attachment

If you can not access the email Dropbox could be an alternative to upload files to Dropbox . If you have an account in SendToDropbox dot com you can send an email to custom email address as an attachment. File attachments that you send will automatically appear in Attachment Folder in Dropbox.

4. Getting More Space on Dropbox for Free

Dropbox provides 2GB of space for all users, if you feel you need more space you can upgrade this space and costs. In addition to the above there are also ways to get space Free as Dropbox gives you 500MB space for each reference service Dropbox to your friends and your friends successfully using the Dropbox service. 250MB can you get after you complete the “Get Started” list in the Dashboard Dropbox. A social media account you connect with your Dropbox will get 125MB additional space and a few other ways to add space Dropbox provide up to 32GB of Dropbox for references you’ve done.

5. Maintain some Firefox settings in Computer

If you use multiple computers would be difficult to manage / maintain preferences and add-ons in the Firefox browser. Now you can download Firefox Portable and save it in Dropbox . So when you use portable firefox , you just set once and all your computers will have the same settings.

6. Upload files to Dropbox via the URL

You can upload files to Dropbox via the URL provided by the URL Doplet . Upload way too really easy let you continue browsing adept document / PDF keeps , open Doplet continue to paste the URL of the link that you can earlier, documents / pdf was straight automatic entry into the Folder Dropbox.

7. Remote Torrent Download

Note: Should be used for things that are legal yes.
Suppose you again soon at the office and at home from work but you can not download torrent and open it later when you got home, DropBox can do this. Just add just a little setting in your torrent application (uTorrent, BitTorrent, etc) to automatically save the file to a folder Dropbox.

8. Maintain two Accounts in Dropbox (Advance User)

Maintain two Dropbox accounts will be a little more complicated, should be done by the Advance user (Using Mac OS). Most people have two Dropbox accounts, one for work and one for personal use, since Dropbox discontinue support for multiple accounts is going to be more complicated.
The solution is to use an alternative home directory on the command line to create the icons and the Dropbox folder, save it in a different directory on your computer. To distinguish the color of the icon you can change dropbox menu. Because the process is long enough you can instantly learn more at Wiki Dropbox.

9. Backup Your Websites using WordPress

You can easily backup your website and all its contents to Dropbox , this way can save effort and time so you can do other things. Use tools like Backup Box or plugin easily perform backup jobs into the Dropbox website.

10. Web Hosting Pages

Want to have a website but do not want to pay for the domain? Want to have an online portfolio but do not know HTML? Dropbox can help you in this matter. By using such services or DropPages you can make a small and simple website with little effort.
With what you want to display on the website written and saved in plain text and then upload on Dropbox, you can edit directly from the Using DropPage a little more complex, you can add your website theme and custom URLs. The point above two services allows for use as a basic HTML tag to create a website.
So enjoy the best cloud service of Dropbox.
Have a nice day!

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