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10 Best CSS Tools For Creating CSS-animation

10 Best CSS Tools For Creating CSS-animation

Web design is a field improving every year. New trends, some of which have a strong influence on the design style and functionality of websites. One of the most important trends - is the use of animation with CSS. Earlier in the CSS animation could be realized only by using scripts written in JavaScript. But with the advent of new technologies have emerged powerful design tools to create animations on the site is relatively easy.

Its is very easy now to web designer with these advanced tools can use to create spectacular animations in CSS. Some of them are very comfortable and have such broad functionality that makes it possible to realize almost any idea. In addition, these tools significantly reduce the time work on the animation.

Of course, to choose the perfect tool fit with your need is very difficult and time-consuming. It will take a research and complete review until you find what you need. It will take a lot of time. But you can make it easier. The Tricks Peak Editor offers you 10 tools for creating a website with CSS animations. Hope this review helps you. (Please note that this review does not contain any affiliation links.)

ANIMATE CSS - Water CSS Animation Tool

animated css- free tool for websites

It is a large number of very interesting cross-browser animation effects that can be safely used in a variety of projects. Most of the effects are perfect to highlight the various elements of the site, whether it's home page, Landing-Page, an online store or a mobile application. The tool is quite simple but in order to work properly on the site all the effects that will have to make minor changes to HTML / CSS code. Choose your desired animation from a drop down menu, download it, edit it, paste that code in your project.

CSSHAKE  - CSS Tool For CSS Animation 

CSS Shake Tool for designer

It is a very easy to use CSS tool for creating animated elements. They all relate to shake. The effects of CSShake are awesome- one of the easiest ways to point out the interactive elements and with the help of CSShake, it will be done very easily. For example, if you enter the wrong data item may like to shake his head, mimicking the human "no". We can say that this library is essential; however, the tool must always be at hand.

CSS ANIMATE - An Always Ready CSS Tool

cssanimate - A ready made css tool

CSS Animate tool for fast and easy creation keyframe animation in CSS3. If you want to make complex animation sequences, you should look at the possibilities of CSS Animate. With it, you can create a keyframe animation directly in the browser without the use of the pre-installed software. Online programs are a variety of effects. To see how the code is executed, press Examples button, and press the play icon. If the effect is like the code you can copy and use in your projects.

HOVER CSS - CSS Effects Tool

hover - a transaction tool

A collection of CSS3 effects that activated when the cursor on design elements such as links, buttons, logos, images, etc. Most of the effects using CSS3 features - it transitions conversion fluctuations. This means that some of the effects will not be correctly displayed in the old browsers.

ANIMO.JS - CSS Managing Tool

animo js managing CSS Animation

Animo.js is a CSS animation library which can be used to manipulate the animations and add to the website in a variety of blur effects. This is a simple tool, but very useful - Using its functionality, you can nicely animate the various elements in the CSS using Animate.css or Effects.css. By Anima.js can be quickly and easily create cross-browser animation.

STYLIE - Fun Web Animation Tool


Stylie fun web animation tool is like a toy than a tool, for creating CSS-animation. But this is not the case. The Stylie tool is enough powerful and allows you to create complex animations. You do not need to code anything - everything is done graphically. When the user opens the app, he sees a small animated circle that moves from left to right.

stylie - fun animation tool

How to use: To change the start and end position of the animation, you just need to click on the cross, indicating the position and move it to the desired point.

Button in the lower right corner of the elements includes rotation mode. This allows you to create amazing 3D-effects. The tool allows you to add, delete and edit keyframes in the Keyframes panel. Once the animation is done, it must be exported by using the Export tab.

The program generates a detailed CSS-code that allows correct display of animation in all modern browsers.

CEASER - CSS Animation Tool

CEASER - CSS Animation Tool

It is another simple CSS tool to simplify work with CSS animations. The software will allow you to create different effects - items can shrink or rotate hover. The Ceaser tool has lots of ready-made effects that you can customize using the schedule bar.

WOW - CSS Animation When Scroll 

WOW - CSS Animation When Scroll

It's not exactly a tool in the conventional sense, which contains a set of rules for the animation of the various elements. That is, it's just a script that activates effects while scrolling a Web page. It works in conjunction with the script Animate.css. The script is very easy to use. To create spectacular animations, you do not need to write code - everything is ready made. 

SPINKIT - Tool for Spinning Effects For Loading Pages

Tool for Spinning Effects

A set of 11 CSS-effects, which can be used for loading pages. So the entire animation will be handled by the GPU, rather than the CPU. The original code was written in CSS. Available all common effects, which are used when the page loads.