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10 Factors To Make A Website User Friendly

Nabeel Shoro Blogging

[mks_dropcap style="letter" size="52" bg_color="#ffffff" txt_color="#000000"]W[/mks_dropcap]hen you have decided to make a website for your business and you work day and night bring users to your site. Here one important factor to make your website more success front of your readers is to make a user-friendly website. To make your website popular, the first thing you need to know is, what makes a good website? Here I am going to write some important factors of user-friendly website.

The first thing to do in making a good website is having a good name of URL. Be sure to get the name according to your business, do not use the words of difficult to spell. Here I would like to share a great service to choose a domain name for your website named: Panabee helps to get a creative name for your website. You can also read this article to get more ideas about a good domain name. Read here 7 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name for Website or Blog

When you have determined the name of your website, it is time to develop a strategy to build his reputation. Here are 10 things you must do in order to give a good impression on customers, adding to the company's digital footprint, and increase the strength of your brand.

  • Create a User Logical Flow

A website should have an attractive appearance, but makes it very easy to navigate is more important. Think like a user how to navigate from one place to another of your website. Easy navigation also would be good for the user experience and Search Engine Optimization because Google considers the content and structure of the website as an important thing to determine the ranking of your website.

Make a complet map (navigation, sitemap, Tags, post linking etc)of your website, then show on your friends, If your friends understand, so your user will also understand and Google also prefer your site and will send you more and more organic trafic daily.

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  • Important Information About Your Business

When making a website make sure you enclose the basic information about your business. Whatever your business, it is necessary for the purpose of information about what you are. Such as you are a retailer, of course, in addition to a information required product as well drawing, if you are a service provider, do not forget your testimony. For example, a wedding planner should have been written about his experience with a wedding. A web designer must provide a screenshot of the websites has ever made. so that people will be able to catch on easily. One of the important tip, in order to convey information and your goal, is to compare your business with something else.

  • Contact information

Your contact information is the most important thing front of user’s eye. Make a page where a user contact the webmaster directly. Try to display your email address there and also a contact from, where user ask any query but make sure you can answer it immediately. And use your website domain as an email to make it look more professional. If you like the Gmail interface, you can use Google Apps to set up a custom email or you can also use a free and paid email service Zoho Mail. It provides a custom email for your domain for free.

Put your information either email address or phone in text form, not in the form of an image as it will be troublesome visitors to copy your information. The email address must be easily copied. Make it easier to send an email to you.

  • Easy navigation

Make your website can be easily traced, using a name that is familiar and logical like contact, about, FAQ, etc. If not, will make the user switch. When making your website navigation strategy, think about how you call a command or action. What do you expect it to customers when they visit your website? Order / message? E-mail? A member? Or other? Define your goals clearly.

  • Provide Security To User

If your website is an online store. You have to perform maintenance on your website using SSL certificate. SSL will encrypt the communication between you and the customer, example: credit card number, ID card number, that can overcome the fear of customers in providing the information. You can get SSL certificate by VeriSign, TRUSTe, Entrust.

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  • Integration with social media

Since social media has an important role for the marketing world today, so make sure your website is integrated with the existing social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, Linkedin, etc. as a means of website promotion, Integration with multiple social platforms also serve to improve your user flow and encourage several new users. But keep in mind that this can work if supported by the new content that is updated regularly. So make sure that you always update your website content.

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  • Support for Mobile Application

Smartphones and tablets are affecting the increase in web traffic today. This means that now people browsing the web become intense because of the support of the current devices. So, make your website can be read on handheld devices. Until two years ago, a web design means designing to be able to read a computer but now means designing for all associated with the Internet. Such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and all of which have different sizes. A responsive website that will allow your website to adjust the size of the screen where the website is opened.

  • FAQ

People are very much ask questions about anything on your website, then it's easier for you to not always answer questions of visitors coming to your email, make a summary of their questions, and make a list and the answer becomes one. Question usually revolves around the raw materials used (to know things, how the delivery of goods, company history, size, delay, or the return of the defective item.

  • Choose a Good Hosting Company

A good and reliable web hosting make your site better then free web host. Avoid to use free web hosting, try to go with some relaible web host, here I reviewed some web hosting compnanies suite to your budget and needs below.

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  • Do not be too many features

The website should be simple! Try to cover your main categories, never try to a bunch of grapes in one. The features that are less well on your website, such as, Music, Flash, autoplay videos will make your website slow.