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10 free services for efficient work from home

Work from home by someone has long been perceived as a dream. But everyone was sent to a remote place and it turned out that fulfilling duties while sitting in a favorite chair is not so simple. The Tricks Peak has put together applications that will make your Home office life easier.

1. Trello 

 Purpose: task manager 


Trello is an application for project management. It allows you to organize teamwork – it is easier for employees to report to the head of your work, and the main thing is easier to monitor what tasks workers performed. 

The head creates the columns, employee cards. Depending on the state of the task, the card moves from one column to another. 

Conventionally, Trello has three columns: ideas, in progress, and delivered. The employee proposed a new logo for the client company, which means he creates the corresponding card in the “ideas” column. The manager accepts it and transfers the card to the “in progress” column. At the end of the day, the employee passes the logo. The manager has no complaints, so the card is transferred to the column “delivered”. 

It would seem that everything is simple in Trello. But the company has more than one employee, and everyone can’t keep track of it. And in Trello, the leader can see the team’s work and which projects are ready and which ones to expect in the near future. 

2. Asana 

Purpose: task manager 


Alternative to Trello. Asana is a more complex but more versatile task manager. First of all, here you can choose the type of project – board, list, timeline, calendar. 

Further, the essence is the same – you add sections (the same columns) and tasks (the same cards). For example, these are the same “ideas”, “in progress” and “delivered”. The proposed task is added to the “ideas”. If the manager accepts it, the task moves to the “in progress” section. At the end of the day, the employee performs the task. The manager has no complaints, and the card is transferred to the “delivered” section.

3. Ticktick

Pupose: time control 


This service allows you to monitor completed tasks and monitor the implementation of the daily plan. 

The principle of operation is as follows. You create tasks, they, in turn, are divided into lists. If in one list all the tasks are completed, then you achieve the goal. It turns out a kind of game. 

Conditionally, you have created three lists: the main project, secondary tasks, the second job. In the main project, you have three tasks. Once you complete them, the goal is considered complete.

4. Zoom 

Purpose: video conferencing  


Optimal service for video chats. Skype is a thing of the past, and FaceTime is only available on Apple devices. Zoom allows you to create a conference for up to 100 participants. In it, one person is endowed with the rights of the organizer, he has the opportunity to invite and remove interlocutors. 

However, the free version is not without limitations. In it, you can conduct a conference for up to 40 minutes. The restriction is removed in the paid version. In addition, in it, you can vest the rights of administrators of other conference participants. 

5. Slack 

Purpose: communication 


Corporate messenger. Replaces a number of services for communication and file transfer – Skype, mail, other instant messengers, cloud storage. 

Slack feature – synchronization with other services like Google Drive, Google Docs, Twitter, Trello, Hangouts, Dropbox, GitHub, and others. The messenger is free, but there are also paid tariffs, they increase the number of saved messages and the amount of cloud storage. 

6. Toggl

Appointment: time control 


Application for time management. You will see how many hours you spend on various tasks. Toggl can look different: as a web version, a utility for a computer, or a mobile application for iOS and Android. 

Working with the application is simple: specify the title of the task, write the name of the project to which this task belongs, and start the timer. Once done, stop the timer. And if you are distracted, also click “stop” so that the tracker fixes it. Thus, you will get a list of tasks that you perform in a day. The main thing is not to forget to turn the tracker on or off. To do this, turn on reminders: then the application will remind you of itself, asking if you forgot to turn the tracker on or off. 

7. Teamweek 

Purpose: control of the time of all team 


Teamweek allows the team to maintain a common calendar to visually plan the time of each employee and see who is busy and who is free at a particular moment.

Tasks can be created and scheduled on the timeline. The team can be divided into groups, for each set its own time frame. Users can view tasks, filter them by project, view the team calendar in the week or month format, and see their tasks on it.

8. Onedrive 

Purpose: Cloud Storage  


OneDrive cloud storage is preinstalled on Windows 10, however, it can also be used on a Mac. We are used to the fact that iCloud and Google Drive are clouds for personal files. OneDrive will work as a worker. 

5 GB is free. By features, the application is not inferior to competitors. Synchronization between computers, support for mobile platforms, file sharing, online backup of files, storage of various file versions, advanced access rights, customizable access levels, administration console, network control – all these functions OneDrive supports. 

9. Blimb

Pupose: warm-up of eyes 


Warming up the eyes is just as important as warming up the back, neck, and limbs. 2-3 minutes of exercises on this site can restore the tone of the eye muscles.

The principle is this: a ball moves around the screen, your task is to follow it. At the end of the session, the eyes should feel better. 

10. Anydesk 

Purpose: remote computer control 


Such programs provide remote access to third-party computers running the host application. AnyDesk is the fastest remote desktop management software on the market, according to its developers. 

And if you look at its features, then their confidence is justified. AnyDesk shows high-performance thanks to the proprietary DeskRT video codec. Thanks to it, only changed sections are transmitted to the screen, which greatly saves traffic and reduces delays.

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