10 tools to help concentrate while working from home

Many of us work from home during these difficult days, but few manage to maintain concentration and focus on their work. No matter what distracts you, Today The Tricks Peak author brings you below 10 tools that will help you concentrate when working from home and do your job better.

1. Focus matrix

A task manager for Mac, which will help you prioritize correctly and not break your concentration. For simplicity, all incoming tasks are divided by time and importance, while urgent matters may not be very significant, but non-urgent ones, on the contrary, are extremely important.

2. Pomotroid

The Pomodoro technique is the easiest way to deal with procrastination, maintaining a balance between work and leisure. This application for Windows, macOS, and Linux will adhere to the system “25 minutes of work – 5 minutes of rest.” If standard time periods are not suitable, you can set your own in the settings. Free Download

3. Hocus focus

Multitasking is one of the main enemies of productivity. Hocus Focus for Mac helps you stay focused, leaving only the current window active and hiding the rest. The application has several profiles that allow you to configure the time after which the windows will be minimized. By default, the delay is 30 seconds, but in focus mode, as soon as you switch to one of the applications, all the others are hidden.

Download (free)

4. Momentum

The Momentum browser extension is designed to deter the temptation to procrastinate on the Internet: on all new tabs, it displays inspirational images and motivating quotes. It displays the time, the main goal for the day and task lists. All this so that you do not forget why you went online.

5. Rooster

Like Momentum, Rooster uses the new Chrome tab, which usually leads to the temptation to mess around. The extension will show how much time has been spent on which pages, and will also be able to display notifications that you have been on unproductive sites for too long.

6. Just focus

If you don’t have much self-control, the extension for Chrome Just Focus will help. Enter in its settings the addresses of the sites to which you are most distracted, and after turning on the focus mode, they will be temporarily blocked. When you go to a page from the blacklist, the Just Focus screen will appear instead of it with an inspirational quote.

7. Self-control

A more hardcore counterpart to the previous extension as a program for macOS. Self ‑ Control is tougher: after setting the timer, all sites from the blacklist will not open in any browser. Moreover, closing the application will not do anything: the lock will be released only after a specified time has passed. Download (free)


When everyone around is messing around and interfering, but there is no separate room for privacy, all that remains is to put on headphones and isolate yourself with music. has four channels, including electronics and classics, as well as the sounds of rain. You can listen both from the site and through mobile applications. Go to the website

9. Spectacle

Many have large monitors in the office, but at home, they usually have to be content with a laptop. Spectacle Utility for Mac makes it easier to manage windows by resizing them and distributing screen space based on tasks. All manipulations occur with the help of hotkeys, you don’t have to aim at the borders with the cursor. Download (free)

10. Flowstate

Unusual text editor for those who can not work without a magic pedal. Flowstate for macOS will force you to write under the pain of losing all typed text. If you stop typing, then after 5 seconds everything will be deleted. 

I hope, you will like the above list of tools. feel free to comment on this post.

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