11 best open-source software for your Pc in 2020

In this post, we will know some best open-source software for our computer. Why use open source software? Firstly, they are free. Secondly, they are safe, as their development is supported and verified by a large community around the world. In my opinion, here are 11 of the best programs, 

Please note that a lot of open sources programs have been developed for various tasks. It is impossible to cover everything. However, this is what I consider the best for the end-user. However, be sure to write to me in the comments which programs you prefer.

1. Brave Browser

Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Brave Browser is an open-source browser that puts user privacy at the forefront and blocks ads and trackers by default.

In terms of security, Brave browser supports end-to-end data encryption, built-in VPN, and decentralized applications, allows you to work with magnet links.

Also, it pays users for viewing advertisements with native Basic Attention Tokens. To do this, a crypto wallet that supports BAT is integrated into the browser.

The browser is very fast and easy to use, as it is based on the open-source Chromium browser. It is still lagging behind the big players when it comes to supporting extensions, but given its rapid development, we can expect that things will change very soon.

2. LibreOffice

Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Linux

This office suite has a traditional and familiar interface, as well as the fact that it includes the working equivalents of Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint, and Access. This is perhaps the most useful free open-source package you will find.

LibreOffice has excellent compatibility with many formats – from Microsoft proprietary formats to less well-known ones – and is constantly evolving. The next step we will wait for is some kind of cloud storage!

3. Krita

Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Linux

Krita is a great digital graphics editing tool, which is great for those who are just trying their hand at design, and for professionals. Krita has a layering system, and the program itself also loads your system significantly.

4. Notepad ++

Platforms:  Windows

Experienced users do not need to talk about Notepad ++. This is a great tool for programmers and experienced users with support for programming languages ​​and syntax highlighting.

Notepad ++ also offers an excellent tab system that allows you to work with multiple files simultaneously. The program remembers open tabs, so you can continue to work from the place where you left off, even after restarting the computer.

5. TestDisk & PhotoRec

Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Linux

TestDisk was released over twenty years ago but is still one of the best tools for recovering entire sections of lost or deleted data in various formats. PhotoRec does the same job but specializes in recovering photos from digital media.


Platforms:  Windows, Mac lets you intuitively create digital LEGO models.


Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Linux

GIMP has firmly established itself as the most viable free alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

8. Dia

Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Linux

Dia is one of the best free alternatives to Microsoft Visio. Charting software comes with a variety of native forms, allowing you to create all kinds of charts, from flowcharts to network architectures.

9. Search Everything

Platforms:  Windows

This is an incredibly effective search tool that can find absolutely anything on your computer in seconds.

10. BleachBit

Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Linux

BleachBit is a free and easy-to-use program that is designed to thoroughly clean the operating system of various digital junk.

11. Retroarch

Platforms:  Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

Retroarch is an open-source video game emulator. It contains many emulators for all the most popular consoles in the form of “cores”, which are adapted for downloading, updating, and working within the software.

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