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11 Methods You Can Use to Increase Your Alexa Rank Dramatically

There are some series blogger who works day and night bring their blog at top of ranking but greed of stay in top of Alexa ranking, many bloggers use black hat SEO techniques but after many algorithm updates of Google, it is very likely by penalized in many ways. So nowadays forget these techniques because Big Boss (Google) watching you. Apart of bad techniques, there are some legal ways to boost your blog ranking. One of them is Alexa ranking. As we know that Alexa is a subsidiary of Amazon and this site provides information about the traffic to your website. Alexa Rank is calculated in accordance with the number of visitors to your website.
In this article, we discuss the importance of Alexa Rank related to the monetization of the website, another side we will discuss some of the drawbacks associated with the Alexa ranking as a measure of traffic.

Here, we will also discuss 11 methods and strategies that you can use to increase your Alexa rank dramatically in the short and long term.

What is Alexa Rank?

Simply, Alexa Rank is a ranking system which is based on the ranking scheme of traffic in any website to receive the number of people who visit a website with the Alexa toolbar.
Alexa traffic rank is based on historical aggregate traffic for three months from millions of Alexa toolbar users and is a combined page view and reach.

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Why Increase Alexa Rank?

Methods You Can Use to Increase Your Alexa Rank

Webmasters, advertisers, and advertising networks use the Alexa rank to determine the value of websites and value link ads on your website. If you rely on advertising or selling website as a form of monetization, you'll want to increase your Alexa rank because it will improve your bargaining power when you offer advertising rates. So Alexa rank has become one of the central elements of monetizing strategy because, in the eyes of the advertiser, Alexa rank is important.

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Problems with the Alexa Rank.
As I already mentioned in beginning that Alexa collect data or ranking from those users who already installed Alexa Tool Bar in their browser.
Many have indicated that Alexa is not an accurate method to measure the reach of the website, traffic, and the potential of a website.
How Do I Get Started With Alexa?
There are two easy ways to start using Alexa. If you are using Internet Explorer, download the Alexa Toolbar. If you use Firefox, download the Search Status extension that can show Alexa Rank.

Can a person manipulate or play Alexa Ranking?
There are methods that can allow you to easily change the Alexa rankings in millions to a level of 100,000. But past the 10,000 and 1,000 rank is a process that is much more difficult, because of the intense competition between websites.
Some explicitly said that there is no proven way to play Alexa while others have claimed that the Auto Surfs and Script can do this job.
This article will not discuss that side because there is no guarantee that the Auto Surfs and other artificial methods will have the same effect for each blog.
The easiest way to find out if the tips mentioned below really works is to try it yourself and monitor the results.

Ways to increase Alexa Rank.
Here is a collection of methods that you can use to increase your Alexa Rank. Most of these tips are collected from several forums and fellow webmasters.

Do these tips work? According to some, yes, these tips work, but it is not known that most of them require the active efforts of some businesses. These tips will work for you consistently do a few specific things.
To increase your Alexa rank in the long term, I recommend focusing on the development of quality content and retaining a large audience and not just purely do artificial means to increase your Alexa rank.
Make a link worthy content referenced other people is the best way to passively increase your Alexa rank.
It is important to emphasize that you need to dedicate some of your time to develop your website audience, at the same time implementing the tips below to increase your Alexa rank.

Methods You Can Use to Increase Your Alexa Rank

1. Install the Alexa Toolbar
Then adjust the settings of your blog as your homepage. This is the most important and  basic step.

2. Install  Alexa Rank Widget On Your Website.
According to some people, if a website has an Alexa Rank widget, every click is counted as a visit, even when the Alexa toolbar is not used by the visitor.

3. Motivate Others to Use the Alexa Toolbar.
Tell the world of the importance of Alexa toolbar and motivate friends, fellow webmasters or blog visitors to install it. You can write a descriptive post of Alexa on why need to install Alexa Toolbar.

You can also send a requested email to your colleagues and subscribers to install the Alexa toolbar, why do they have to install the Alexa toolbar? "You must install the Alexa toolbar, otherwise, these tips will not run well."

4. If You Work In An Office.
It will be very good advantage for you if work in an office or you own a company, download and install the Alexa toolbar on all computers and set your website as the homepage for all browsers in the office. Please note that: this only works if there is a Dynamic IP or use a different IP.

5. Write in Blog About Alexa.
As I mentioned above that if you are money blogging then your blog ranking always attract the advertisers, so one of the proven tips to increase Alexa ranking write some good reviews of Alexa. They will look to you and send you targeted traffic. This gradually has effects on your Alexa ranking.

6. Introduce Your Website in Webmaster Forums.
Webmasters usually have the toolbar that is already installed. You'll get webmasters to visit your website and offer useful feedback.
7. Write Post Related to the Webmaster and Try to Solve Their Problems.
Did you note; in The Tricks Peak blog I managed a category of SEO and Web Designing, in which I write some unique and very informative content on search engine optimization, two fields which most webmasters love to read, When webmasters search your keywords, they surely reach you via organic search and you can also share related topics at social media groups, at this point when some webmasters visit you site, they most know the importance of Alexa toolbar so they have already installed the Alexa toolbar. So frequently promote your content on social networking websites and webmaster forums.

8. Make Alexa Category On Your Blog.
This is also proven tricks to boost Alexa Ranking. Many webmaster loves to write articles or news about Alexa. It is easily accessible resources by webmasters and website visitors you are tech them can help your rankings in the search engines.

9. Create Webmaster Tools On Your Website.
This is the most important point for your Alexa Ranking. Every webmaster wants some free but good webmaster tool for their website. It is a magnet for webmasters who frequently visit your website to be able to get access to these tools. I am also planning to make some rich tools for websites.

10. Pay Internet Cafe Owners to Install the Alexa Toolbar and Set Your Website as the Homepage for All Computers.
It may seem difficult, somewhat ridiculous and not sustain solutions sustain. I keep these tips because some people suggest that these tips can be useful.

11. Writing Unique and Quality Content.
It is to be said that content is king and also is a genuine method to increase your Alexa rank. The more you have content that can not be obtained in other places, the better the results.

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