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12 Free Images Stock For Your Blog

Nabeel Shoro Blogging

I was much thinking about the issue when Google included in its image search filter options rights to use photos for free. Today, many bloggers often draw on this option Google image search to find pictures that can be used in your blog articles or share on social networks.

If I'm honest, Google images is not my first choice (not one of my favorites), because its results are still somewhat general for my taste and also ambiguous precision regarding the license to use the photo.

Can we use any photo we find on free image search of Google or other search engines?

Answer: We all know that the Internet is full of pictures of different genres and qualities, as often happens with everything that relates to the network, many believe they are free, but truth is totally different.

I think the challenge in these issues has never been so much the lack of visual material available on the Internet (to meet the needs of the photographic content of our blog, website or social networking page).

Rather, the challenge of it all passes more accurately locate or know where to find the images you want, but that in turn also comply with those specifications that make them be free to use.

Well, I do wish to emphasize that often all may depend somewhat on the type of image we're especially looking for.

So in order to avoid possible misunderstandings or wrong choices, we may want to use some free image search engines, and can be used for your blog or website.

However in practice, some of them are not as accurate as you might expect. There are times when the results are little scarce or more or less contradictory or questionable licenses.

So I again emphasize the theme of the importance of reading the fine print or licenses held by these images and have the same requirements.

Before downloading and using content, even if the search returns images marked as free or free for commercial use, I recommend you always click on the photo and see web source of it to see its current license.

Because there is a small chance that the author has changed his mind and changed the availability or license that picture and image search engine in question did not have well updated yet.

Anyway, if we do good judgment and intelligence, these tools are now a companion for any manager or blogger Community work.

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Here are 12 Royalty Free Images Stock

that can be used without any copyright issue.

1. Creative Commons Search

One of the most reliable of all that I will show in this list.

The image search is owned by Creative Commons and offers based on their own CC licenses (licenses created by the same company) results.

Advantages of CC Search

In general we can say that this is a search engine that really gets his photographs results from other engines.

The drawback with CC Search is that when looking at other engines individually, the time it takes us to configure and find results is a bit higher than others.

However, their results are worth the wait because they are more reliable than others (but also always contrast well licenses in the original source of the content).

In addition, CC Search is not only focuses on photos; it also offers music and videos from YouTube, SoundCloud, ccMixter, and others.

Another of the advantages of CC Search is that we can rely on all different types of CC licenses that you have Creative Commons to make our consultations.

2. PhotoPin

PhotoPin is a free image stock that has photographs free on the Internet. So it's not surprising that many graphics designer royalty free images focus almost entirely on this platform.

PhotoPin is designed almost exclusively for Flickr, but also offers paid results or sponsored by Shutterstock and iStockphoto.

When you enter photoPin website and get a result, we see that on the left you can choose various types of filters according to the license we need (commercial or no-ncommercial, recent relevant organized interest).

The advantages of using PhotoPin are:

  • Filter very easy to configure.
  • Filter by license Creative Commons.
  • I could focus only on the future use of licensed content.
  • It allows us to see related keywords entered results.
  • It offers different sizes and downloads options.
  • It provides a code to cut and paste or link to give credit to the author.
  • It also provides related payment options with better quality.

3. Every Stock Photo

Every Stock Photo is one of the best search engines with over 25 million free photos free image that you find online. This search engine is the favorite of many bloggers elsewhere for visual content for their blogs.

Every Stock Photo has advanced search options allow photographs to choose the type of license, the source and what will the results resolution (pixels, license, and source).

4. TinEye

TinEye is a reverse image search or reverse image search. That is, not through simple keyword searches, but entering the image searches other pictures. It means we can enter a photo to TinEye to find related photos, find out where it is, how or who are using it, whether there are modified versions of the same or to find higher resolution versions.

TinEye is one of the first Internet search engine of images using the Photo identification technology rather than keywords, metadata or watermarks (It is free to use for non-commercial searches).

TinEye is not only related or similar content with Creative Commons license and available in multiple image banks free, but also has an extra feature that makes it possible to deliver results that match up to 5 colors of our choice.

5. foter

Allows us to search, filter, manage and add photos to our free blog, website or any social network.

It has broad access to more than 190 million free images licensed Creative Commons, many free sources of different images.

Foter offers an embed code with all the necessary data from the CC license. Despite offering more or less reliable results, the ideal in this and in any case it is very well read and review licenses on page original author of the content.

6. Compfight

Here again another search engine that offers a more convenient way to access the millions of photos that owns free social network Flickr.

Compfight allows quick and easy to apply filters to the results obtained according to the needs we have or the type of license available for them. They also have a code generator to cite or link to the source.

7. PicFindr

Unlike other services that only focus your search on Flickr or Wikimedia Commons, PicFindr can handle a much larger websites or banking free photos range. Although its interface is not the most modern and attractive, it can search more than a dozen different places to find low CC (Creative Commons), GNU, and other free licenses or results.

8. Veezzle

Veezzle is an image search engine that has a very attractive use interface and gets your results mainly from Flickr, Freebase, and Wikimedia OpenClipArt Photos.

When you open website and enter any keyword, you can limit searches of contents or choose how results are displayed (by relevance, popularity or date).

So if we need visual content for our blog, Veezzle can find many stock photographs or other images for free.

This engine also offers the possibility of obtaining results related payment or sponsored by our key words iStock .

In addition to the features mentioned above, Veezzle allows general web search, find news, current affairs (Trending) and even do a basic tracking social networks.

9. Behold

This is one of the most simple compared to some other image search engines; since Behold shows only the results from Flickr.

Despite its simplicity and very outdated interface, it has a certain virtue that makes it one of the fastest and easy to use. Another interesting feature that deserves to be named is the 'Look Like' option or "high quality".

According to its creators, this function 'Look Like' not obtains poor quality results because it filtered root of certain indicators of esthetic and technical quality.

10. Picksearch

Picsearch is a free image stock that works with a database of over 3 million photos from different online sources. It has an advanced scanning function that helps us filter by animations, portraits (faces), color or type of content and also choose different shapes and sizes.

Picsearch has three characteristics that identify it:

It has a total absence offensive material, allowing children to navigate in conditions of optimum safety. When we click on image thumbnail, we are linked to the original site of author, where licenses and conditions found.

It is very easy to use because it is designed to be simple, fast and accurate.

Because of these above features, Picsearch search engine you could be the perfect pictures for a school or family.

11. Wylio

Wylio has some very interesting features such as Re-size, with a click of our mouse can resize these pictures.

With the option to re-size you'll get adapt the dimensions and sizes of visual content to set a width in pixels or choose an embed code so that the image fits automatically in the web.

Wylio generates embed code to embed our preferred platform, without downloading anything.

12. Google images

We end this compilation with that for most of us is the king of the Internet, although as the most transparent in terms of all licenses to any content involved.

However, Google images is the first, and often the only, option for finding free images also allow the commercial use that most users know.

To use this filter in Google images just have to click on "tools" after writing the terms of your search and choose that you need at the section from the drop down menu "use rights".

Google is very fast and intuitive, although its results are very limited in terms of the quality of the photos when commercial filters or free use rights (licenses always looks good on the homepage) are fixed.

Sometimes, even faster than Google offers this incredible search engine, we can be a long time scouring the net to try to find a more or less interesting content for our blog.

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Final Words

Any of these free image searches can provide us a lot of things, save time and up to hundreds or thousands of excellent results.

But if we really need most original and optimum design for our website or blog, it is very likely that we pay them.

In addition, with the risk of being repetitive, I would like to stress the issue of free images to be chosen wisely and carefully used again. Because a photograph before a license had free use today that its author may have changed his mind and change that license for a very different than the previous one. it is always advisable to check well licensed original author's website before you edit and use it in our blogs or websites.