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3 free ways to download YouTube videos

3 free ways to download YouTube videos

Nabeel Shoro How To


You can save Youtube videos to your computer using online service, or special programs and browser extensions.

It is no doubt that Youtube is a big source of Videos while watching youtube videos surely you came across a situation where you need to save a YouTube video to your computer. If you want to save video from your channel, then you can do this using the Youtube Studio Dashboard. And if it is a video uploaded by another user, you will have to use any third-party tools. So today I have gathered here 3 free and easy ways to download Youtube videos.

1. 4K Video Downloaderis a free program. It allows you to download videos not only from YouTube but also from many other video hosting sites. Also, the program allows you to download both single video and entire playlists.

Copy the link and click the "Insert link" button. a new window opens with the video settings. You can choose the quality and format of the video or download only the audio track. 

2. If you don’t feel like downloading and installing a special program, or if you need to download the video once on someone else’s computer, you can use the online service. There are a lot of them, but one of the most popular is

3. Another, easy way to download Youtube videos is to install browser extensions. It works simply: a button appears next to the video, allowing you to start downloading the video. There are enough offers in the online store of the browser. 

However, in reality, not everything is so simple. Many extensions quickly lose relevance, and developers are in no hurry to make updates. Therefore, you need to carefully watch which extension you are downloading. For Firefox, you can install the extension with the long name Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express. At the time of writing, it worked, also, the application is marked as recommended. 

For Chrome, you can’t download such an extension from the official store. The fact is that Google does not allow applications with the ability to download videos from YouTube to their store. As a result, this method is difficult to recommend, but this option is possible and, perhaps, it will suit you.

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