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3 key Tips to Make Your Website User-friendly

Firstly, meet your target audience

To make something works well, you should know who you design it for. So, the first step in creating a user-friendly website is analyzing your target group. Ask yourself some questions referring to your readers, for example:

  • Why do they visit your page and what do they expect to find there?
  • In which circumstances do they visit your page?
  • What is the problem that your website can solve?
  • Who are your users? What’s the way they use an Internet?
  • Are they people with any disabilities?

A user-friendly design usually uses so-called Personas. They are 2-3 representatives of your target group and they can help you understand your users better. Describe your Personas as detailed as possible and then plan the page for the sake of their needs, lifestyles, and qualities. It will increase your chance of creating a highly user-friendly website.

Secondly, take care of UX best practices

The essence of so-called User Experience is to make the product as easy for users as possible. In case of web design, Usability means making your readers experience intuitive. It should be so seamless and problem-free for users that almost invisible. There are some best practices that will help you make your page intuitive. The list of basic tips includes, for example, what follows:

  • Name the elements of your page’s menus accurately to their content.
  • Add to your page a navigation bar. It will help your users stay oriented about their location on a page. It will also enable them to come back to any previous step of their web journey.
  • Make sure your page is responsive and looks good at any devices: smartphones, tablets, desktops.
  • Take care of your page load time. Check if there is no surplus of the website’s code and then make sure your page loads as fast as possible.
  • Do UX audits for your page regularly. Check the possible users’ journey and make sure there are no so-calls dead ends, for example.
  • Make sure there is a home button on your page. It is good to place it as a link under your logo. It helps users come back to the home page in case they get lost.
  • Keep a weather eye on how your website looks like. Make sure about the font readability, the usage of colors, the quality of graphics.

Thirdly, follow the trends

If you want to create a user-friendly website, be up to date with UX trends. If more and more pages use, for example, face recognition or gesture-based interactions, after some time these trends can become standards. Of course, sometimes it is not rational to keep up with the Joneses blindly. But, some trends can be related to your industry and not respecting them may be a sign of the backwardness of your brand. So, keep your finger on the heartbeat.

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