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3 Tips To Avoid Malicious Malware from WhatsApp

Nabeel Shoro Whatsapp

In recent times it has been viral that malware has been able to attack WhatsApp accounts around the world with just a miscall or video. The user's smartphone can be directly infected. Of course, this is quite terrible.

So, for those of you who are most likely not yet infected, what is the way to prevent it? Are there any tips so that the malware does not infect our cellphones? Here are some recommended tips.

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Tips to Prevent Malicious Malware from WhatsApp

  •  Make sure the WhatsApp and OS Application is the Most Updated. The first step that is easy and enough to prevent malware from infecting your cell phone is making sure the WhatsApp application installed and also your phone's operating system is the most updated because the developer certainly ensures the most optimal security in the latest version.
  • Install the Security Application. The next step is to install a security application. Make sure you get it from the Google Play Store or the App Store, and before installing also make sure the developer and application name are the same. For examples like AVIRA, Malwarebytes, Norton, ESET and many others.
  • Don't Open Links. Make sure you don't click the link carelessly, especially if it's the result of a short link. If you have a good understanding of computers, especially security systems, it's better to open the link via WhatsApp Web only.

Those are some of the most effective tips for avoiding dangerous malware that enters through the WhatsApp application. It may be useful.

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