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4 Best Android Apps For Financial Management

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Android is an Operating System suddenly famous and booming mobile market. Since its origin, Android is able to position ourselves as the toughest competitor for other Operating Systems. Applications based on Android (APK) are also highly developed until today. Starting from the simplicity the developers are able to create applications that support human life with Android.

And one of them is the Financial Regulator Application, who ever thought that there is a mobile-based financial regulator? That's one of the advantages of Android. On this occasion, I will give you information about 4 Best Android Applications for Financial Management.

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Financial Management android Applications


Mint most popular because the functions and features. Its features considered very cover the needs of the consumer finance field. Not least also praised the sophistication of this application from CNN Money, PC Magazine, Wired and many more. Android Application Mint is able to provide convenience to manage finances only on one screen. Features - features that are available such as arranging finance from one screen, ranging from bank accounts, savings, current accounts, loans and even retirement accounts.

This application is also equipped with the ability to monitor cash flows or transactions that occurred during the month. It is also equipped with the system's security with the activation pass code.

2. Expense Manager

Expense Manager is one of the Android application to manage finances well, in this application you will have easy as adding and controlling expenditure, budget estimates per day, week, month or year. This application also allows exporting the file into an Excel file to make it easier for you. And in particular, the application is also equipped with an alarm feature that can remind you about unpaid bills on schedule.

3. Manilla

Manila's application may not have been widely known today because of this android app is still in the growth stage. This application brings a feature that allows users to store and monitor the track record of bills.

4. GNUCash

Financial applications this one makes it easy for users to be able to control spending and income. Reportedly this application is suitable for use by the self-employed, because the operation is very easy to failure by overseeing the financial flow.

That was 4 Best Android Apps Financial information to share, if you are an Android user and need a financial management. You can choose one of the applications above. Hopefully this information can be a reference for you.

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