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4 Ways to Save Instagram Videos

4 Ways to Save Instagram Videos

Nabeel Shoro How To
Today I will tell you how to download Instagram videos using online services, browser extensions, third-party programs, and applications.
After reading this you will learn about 4 ways of downloading Instagram videos. Some methods are repeated, but there are still differences.

1. Browser extension

This is the easiest way to download videos from Instagram. We tested the extension for the Chrome browser called “Downloading photos from Instagram + Direct”. It has a large user base and good reviews.
The extension works almost the same as when saving a photo.

2. Online services

In the case of Instagram video, one of the convenient ways to download them to your computer or smartphone is through special websites called download Instagram videos online. The service is always at hand. Also, some of them are universal and allow you to download media content from several popular video sources at once.

3. Screen recording

If the photo can be saved by taking a screenshot, then this method is also suitable for video. This is especially true for owners of devices with iOS 11 and above. Starting with this version of the operating system, the device can record what is happening on the screen without additional tricks. For Android users, we cannot recommend this method, because you have to install a third-party application. It is better to immediately install the application that allows you to download videos from Instagram.
If you need to start recording with sound, then hold your finger on the icon until an additional menu appears. Activate the microphone, as the sound will be recorded from it.

4. 4K Video Downloader

The free 4K Video Downloader program allows you to download videos not only from YouTube but also on Instagram, as well as many other video hosting sites.
Copy the link to the post containing the video, and in the program, click the "Insert link" button. A new window will open with the video options. Unlike YouTube, you cannot select the quality and format of the video, but the ability to download only the audio track is still present.
If you have Android, you can use the Video Downloader for Instagram application. It is very simple to work with it: copy the link to the post in the application or on the website and open Video Downloader. Everything should happen automatically. The video is saved to the gallery, from where it can be viewed.

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