5 Agribusiness Jobs You Need To Know About

As an agricultural country, the profession in the agribusiness sector is not gaining popularity compared to other professions. Even though with the potential for food that is handled properly, the soil of dawn Indonesia offers many Agribusiness job vacancies for graduates who study it. The following are some of the professions that an Agribusiness graduate can undertake. 

Agribusiness Sector Job Opportunities 

Scholars who study the Agriculture side or Agriculture and Business bring together all elements of agriculture from the production sector to marketing. There are many businesses engaged in this field that require graduates from the Agribusiness major to occupy various positions and positions. The following are some of them. 

Agribusiness Researcher

Having an interest in developing Indonesian agriculture to become a popular business opens opportunities to become a researcher. Agribusiness graduates can devote themselves by joining the Institute of Sciences and other agencies. 

There are also private sectors that are in need of researchers to study the latest food technology. The opportunities to become a researcher are quite wide and varied. Find the best way to cultivate agriculture with varying demands. It should also be remembered that the pay for this profession is quite high compared to other Agribusiness job opportunities. 

  • Agricultural Consultant

Agribusiness job vacancies that are quite varied is to become an agricultural consultant. There are many businesses that can take advantage of Agribusiness graduates. Agricultural Technology Development, Food Cultivation, Plant and Maintenance Consultant, Agricultural Disease Management Consultant, are a series of responsibilities that he can have.

The fact is that the Agricultural Consultant is expected to be part of the company to make important decisions. Some of them are making recommendations, suggestions, analyzing everything in the world of agriculture. Thus there are many business opportunities that can take advantage of the Agribusiness knowledge that the graduates have. 

  • works for a government agency

Becoming a civil servant who works for a government agency in the agricultural sector is another option for agribusiness graduates. Working for a government agency or the Regional Planning and Development Agency can dedicate oneself to the country. 

The duties of civil servants for a government agency are of course various. But the point is to help the community in managing agriculture. Starting from rice fields, fields or plantations can be arranged systematically. So the profession can make changes both locally and nationally. 

  • Teacher

Agribusiness can penetrate the world of education. Starting from high school teachers to lecturers who teach subjects in the field of food or agriculture. This profession can introduce Agribusiness in general to the lowest level of education. Higher education can help enthusiasts in this field to become the best graduates. 

So an educator in the field of Agribusiness can lead students to pursue careers in this field that has a lot of potentials. From teaching theory to practice, Agribusiness instructors can apply their knowledge in the education field. 

  • Commercial Horticulture

This profession focuses more on plants and plants. A Commercial Horticulturist deals with flower shops, nursery companies, plant sales shops to convenience stores, or supermarkets.

Plants can be used as decoration, cultivation, or processed into other forms. This profession is in charge of handling plants from seed form to various superior products. The skills needed for this job are basic agricultural knowledge, good at communicating, and seeing explaining things. 

So, those are the prospects for Agribusiness job vacancies that graduates can cultivate. Not just thinking about how to make a popular food innovation. Agribusiness scholars also need to consider the form of business it offers to the public. For those of you who have an interest in agriculture and all the details of its business. The explanation above can be an inspiration to how the world of work for Agribusiness Scholars will look like. 

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