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5 Best Alternatives to Other Popular Cloud Services

5 Best Alternatives to Other Popular Cloud Services

Cloud services on of the online storage service which is becoming more in demand. Clouds storage providers not only cover large and medium-sized businesses but also give a cloud storage free for ordinary users. Clouds services today offer a variety of convenient solutions to share files and collaborate on projects. The most famous cloud services are at the same time one of the safest places to store large amounts of data. For example, a service like Dropbox provides 2GB of free and provides synchronization of files and exchange information. Any user can increase the size of the storage to 16 GB if to invite new users to Dropbox.

If you have a large amount of data and these free cloud storage are not enough to you and you have to look for other places to store files or increase the amount of storage for the free. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the alternatives of cloud service. The Tricks Peak offers you 5 alternatives to popular cloud services.

JustCloud - Free and Paid Cloud Service:

Free and Paid Cloud Service

The best alternative of any other popular cloud services. JustCloud is a free as well as paid cloud storage service. A high level of security and automatically backs up all files hosted in the cloud. Service can be operated with personal computer and through mobile apps. It also supports the synchronization of data, so that the user can access the information from multiple computers and devices.

The JustCloud developer which sought to make working with files as simple as possible for users. As I mention in above para that it also offers a Free  storage, but you can subscribe to two years, which will cost £ 5.61 per month. For the paid service JustCloud provides the capacity of 75 GB.

So sign-up here and get your free storage instantly. - Best Alternative of Other Cloud Services: - Best Alternative of Other Cloud Services is one of the best cloud services to store information. Service provides round the clock access to your files from any computer or device. All functions performed from a browser or via mobile applications.

Sync developers have more attention on Desktop Apps for windows, Mobile Apps for android. iPhone, iPad, Access from the web browser as well as offline, any other sync user can send you to file privately, share folder, feature it and collaborate with your team members, advance admin panel, with more attention to data security - encryption used in zero-knowledge, and much more.

The downloaded files are synchronized, so you can at any time access to the right information. When working with the service is practically impossible to lose any data - provides backup in real time, and disaster recovery of deleted files. The service provides 5 GB free, 500 GB can be purchased for $ 49 per year, and 2 TB - for $ 98 per year.

Get 5 GB free cloud storage here.

OwnCloud - Free & Best Alternative to Commercial Storage Services:

Alternative to Commercial Storage Services

Cloud Service ownCloud conceived as a free alternative to commercial storage services. However, many businesses and organizations have expressed interest in using the service, the makers have introduced a paid subscription. However, for ordinary users, who do not need advanced features, data storage is provided free of charge. To work with the ownCloud server is needed, which can be private the user's computer. The server at the same time can be deployed on any hosting that supports the execution of PHP-scripts, and provides access to MySQL, SQLite or PostgreSQL. Unlike Dropbox, Google Docs, and other popular cloud services, ownCloud provides the user with complete control over their files, as the information is not stored in closed cloud systems, and is placed on the powers of his control.

SpiderOak - Very secure cloud service:

Very secure cloud service

SpiderOak as an another alternative of cloud service, which primarily known as a very secure service, since it supports encryption of zero knowledge. This means that user data is accessible only to him - neither the owners of the service or third-party persons can not gain access to the information placed in the cloud storage. SpiderOak offers 2 GB free, 1TB will cost users $ 12 per month.

Sign up here

SugarSync - Cloud Service:
Cloud Service
SugarSync Cloud Service is designed for file sharing and synchronization information stored in the cloud. The service offers a convenient to use the virtual file manager to organize the work with data and gain easy access to the right information when needed. SugarSync provides a very high level of security, running in the background without affecting the performance of your computer, and supports file backup. The stored data can be accessed from any device, including smartphones and tablets from different manufacturers. The service can be free to use for 30 days, after which the issue will have a paid subscription. will cost $ 7.49 for 100GB. Get your 100 GB Storage here.