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5 Best Services to Create PowerPoint Presentations

5 Best Services to Create PowerPoint Presentations

The Presentation is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate your skills. Professionally made presentation works better as allows you to focus on the potential customer's most important. As Freelancer you must have the good presentation skills, It has been said that your first impression is your last impression. Create a PowerPoint presentation is quite simple, it is much harder to create a beautiful and interesting presentation. And if a problem with that, then you can always try to find the appropriate template. Using a template not only improves Freelancer skill, but also working on the slides, to submit information. The Tricks Peak editor offers you Five services for creating PowerPoint presentations.
Collection Of PowerPoint Templates From MicroSoft
PowerPoint Templates From MicroSoft

There are a huge number of categories with ready-made templates for presentations. Most of these templates are as disgusting and have long to find a suitable alternative. If you need something simple.

But there is one small problem: the patterns are opened in Microsoft Office Online, so that the use of the service may not all.

SLIDEDOG - Multimedia Presentations Using PowerPoint

SLIDEDOG - Multimedia Presentations Using PowerPoint

You can not only create multimedia presentations using PowerPoint but all the other elements. Why limit yourself to one type of presentation, if it is possible to use PowerPoint, PDF, Audio and Video content? In SlideDog user is not limited - just need to arrange all of the presentations, in chronological order. Nothing is to be converted, all the elements are reproduced in their original format, and once you're done, the presentation is converted into one seamless image.

Thanks to the Live Sharing of SlidDog, can broadcast the presentation in real time or share the link with your audience. SlidDog allows you to create presentations, surveys and communicates with the audience in the chat.

There are paid and free versions of SlideDog. The free version has reduced functionality. To gain access to all features of the service will have to purchase a subscription, which costs $8.33 per month, get access here.

SLIDECAMP - High-Quality PowerPoint Presentations

SLIDECAMP - High-Quality PowerPoint Presentations

A collection of high-quality slides for PowerPoint presentations. The user can select the slides with a suitable background, color scheme, and fonts. Slides are made very professionally and are ideal for those who need a base for a quick introduction of private information.

The service fee, subscription costs $2 per slide for a single user. However, the resource is very valuable, it can be used to create a very impressive presentation in a matter of seconds.



Recently, much has been said that the content can be interactive. Can there be an interactive presentation? Yes, it can, if Participoll uses application for Windows. The interactive presentation attracted the attention of users and involve them in the process. Using Participoll You can create a presentation of survey and ask the audience to vote with their smartphones.

Voting results are displayed in real time. Users do not need to install the application - they can go to the link and select the desired item.

There are paid and free version of the app. For access to advanced functionality, the user will have to pay, and the price of the subscription varies depending on the subscription features. The minimum price of paid subscription - $99 per year. The paid version is suitable for those who are regularly engaged in the creation of interactive presentations.

OFFICE MIX - PowerPoint Into An Interactive Online Presentation


If you have a good presentation, it makes sense to share it with others. And if we add sound or video to this presentation, it is possible to create interactive content. Plug-in for Windows, which is called OfficeMix allows you to turn any PowerPoint file into an interactive online presentation slides accompanied by sound effects, narration, and animated elements.

Office Mix allows you to place labels on the timeline, so you can watch a video from start to finish or choose their interest segment. The finished presentation can be placed both on site and on all the popular social networks.

There is the large gallery of interesting presentations, ready-made templates, where you can find the presentation with the appropriate presentation of information and use some of the techniques in their work.