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Buying a Speaker
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5 Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Speaker


Buying a speaker is certainly not the same as buying a smartphone.

Why did it happen?

The reason is simple because in buying speakers, we must pay attention to several important factors such as the original sound quality of the speaker, type of speaker, and so on.

So, Today I am going to suggest you at least 5 factors that are usually used by many experts before buying a speaker.

1. Listen Sound Quality

Don't trust other people if the A or B speaker sounds good. Regardless of the popularity of those who say that the sound of a good speaker is different in every ear that hears it. Or in other words, the sound of the speaker is each individual's taste.

Therefore, when we want to buy a speaker, we have to directly listen to the sound produced by the speaker. 

2. Pay Attention to Types of Speakers

Nowadays, there are many types of speakers that we can choose from various brands. 

For the types of speakers, We know that there are several types such as bookshelf speakers, soundbar speakers, floor-standing speakers, subwoofers and many more. Here we must choose which one is suitable for us to use.

Suppose we want to use speakers on our PC or computer, then the type of speaker that usually matches a PC or computer is the type of bookshelf speaker or soundbar speaker.

Then when we want to use the speakers on our television for entertainment purposes such as watching movies or karaoke with the family, the floor-standing speaker is the most appropriate.

3. The Room where the Speaker is used. 

Not only the type of speaker and the sound of the speaker that must be considered, but the room where the speaker is used should also be taken into consideration. For example, a narrow room with an area of ​​6 x 5 square meters is not possible to use speakers with large sizes.

Similarly, in a room such as an auditorium, it is certainly not possible to use small speakers such as bookshelf speakers or portable speakers.

4. Adjust to the Right Device

To present the maximum sound, a speaker must be paired with an amplifier or receiver that can deliver the appropriate power. For example, a speaker needs 30 - 100 Watts power to be able to work smoothly, the amplifier used must adjust to the speaker power.

Then when we want to make the speakers that we have multi-channel so that it can produce better sound. My recommendation is to pair the speakers that we have with other speakers of the same type and brand. Or if you want to be different, that's fine, but with my experience, it is best to pair the same brands. 

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5. Speaker Optimization

This one might only be done after we install the speakers in the room. The first is to optimize the sound released by making arrangements such as treble, bass, and others.

Then the next is the position of the speakers that are placed is safe, comfortable and can guarantee to provide maximum performance? If not, it's better to reposition again. So, have a nice day. 

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