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5 Important Tricks Users Should Know By Android

Android is the operating system found on Smartphones and tablets made by Google. This platform dominates the operating system in the Smartphone or tablet because it is easy to use, and has millions of interesting applications.

Android also has some easy customization so that users feel something different and not boring by using the Android operating system, but not many Android users who know the ins and outs of Android as a whole. Such simple ways to keep your phone to look neat and organized files, long battery life and so forth.

Here are 5 tricks that should be known by the user of Android:

1. Using a third-party keyboard app. Everyone has different the need for a flexible keyboard on Android devices. They have the desire and adjust with his hands. Many applications of keyboard can be selected on Google Play Store. Swype, one of which allows users to type by simply swiping on each letter. With this application helps you to type quickly on your Android device.

2. Enable Power Saving Mode. If you want to save your battery, then use the power saving mode, then you have to navigate to the settings menu and enable the Power Saving Mode. When your device is recharged, down to a certain level, some features such as WiFi devices should be temporarily disabled.

3. Use Google Authenticator To Keep Your Information Safe. Google Authenticator provides security two-step verification for your Google account. First, when you are logged in, you will need the code generated by the application in addition to your password. This will ensure that foreigners can not get into your account. For example, if you log into Gmail on a different computer, you need your phone, then open the app, then enter the code to access your account.

4. Set Application To Home Screen Folders To Keep You Stay Neat. You can create folders to split your application into different categories. This reduces confusion, and also makes it easier to find what you need quickly. To create a folder, tap and hold on an app and drag it to the “Create Folder” option in the upper-left side. On some phones, you can also drag and drop in an application on top to create a folder, as you can do in iOS.

5. Automatic Sending Messages To Contacts With Voicemail. Certain people do not feel like making a phone call. Fortunately, you can send them to your voice messages. You just knock on the person’s name in your contact list, tap the three boxes at the top-right of the screen, and press the “Add to List”

Enjoy Android. Have a Nice Day.

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