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5 Most Important Things You Do Every Day in SEO

The search engine is the door of your site, if the door is closed no one will come to your site. To open the door I have written the 5 most important things you do in SEO. it required a daily basis.

  • Working with links: Make sure that all your links are working well and you can use any SEO, Spider Tool. You must make sure well before modifying any subject if you have to modify the link, make sure that no links background refers to, or you can do by converting the link in order to convert the links on the new link 301 Redirect.

And you must know that is way to send search engine and users to any other URL. 301 redirect if a permanently moved to any other URL. It’s recommended for SEO by most Search Engines.

  • Order links your site: Put the best first and always important to first place and also links your site in sections, sound so that it points each link another.

If you have a page in more than 25 Links prefers action guide for more links for your site page and this of course, is a good idea and will undoubtedly do to others with reference to your site link which will lead you to the success.

If you publish a link to another site, you can request from the site referred to a link so that both of you benefit from mutual ties. This is very useful in the SEO. But you have to choose carefully and get away from the nagging these practices are difficult to implement steps after the recent Google update algorithms.

  • Writing the guest post at relevant your sites: Agreed to requests to exchange links “Back Links” by writing threads in different locations nearby relevant your site. When you reach the exchange of requests for links across topics Guest Post does not reject or make rejection or self-importance is your first. Undoubtedly not all the links you approved there are sites you should refuse to exchange with them and if it refuses to exchange with other site must be the reason for the site owner to be performed to improve his position and location with you, and if approved, you must send a message to the site owner who wants to exchange links across threads approval.

An example of this: Type a subject contains very important information and put inside the exclusive subject indicates a link on your site. S the word you want to target. You should pay attention here and that does not put more than one link in the article because it is small guest blogger credibility by Google.

  • Avoid Links Exchange: Do not ever listen to those who say you go and look for links exchange forums and exchange links your site from various other sites, That idea of yours could lead to the abyss has been up to his disappearance from the site’s search results,

Be cautious and do not exchange links. Google considers it as link exchange fraud with search engine.

You might say some SEO interested in exchanging links is important, yes indeed it was important, but it was for a considerable period, but now the situation disagrees.

  • Finally, you have to check every feature in your site it is working well, for each site, of course, feature, and you can see the features of your site by visiting threads occurring on the comments of the many, and you can discover the features of your site yourself and make sure you fully make sure it works well because the content featured undoubtedly will lead to get your good results in the search engines.

Always the cheek of your time with your site and make sure that you always do everything every day. Post every day you find something new because of the new addition will undoubtedly spiders to visit your site to search engines and will lead to enter your site in the search results on the words and descriptions of the different and will increase the proportion of links stylus on your website with the passage of time.

No never accept exchange link with the site is linked to a nearby site. No never accept exchange link with the site is not reliable or puts words pornography or adult content or obscene words etc. Think carefully before accepting the link between your site and the other sites and you’ll examine the link well and here are the rules of examination of links.

Bonus Tip: Rules checking links

  • There are some websites use Robots file to prevent search engines from indexing the links within the page To learn how to detect it and write URL Add him in the end as the subject of
  • If you see the word ‘Disallow’ That means it does not allow for search engine spiders to index that page, so it does not share with those sites and never exchange with sites that put the ‘allow’

I hope these tips to gain admiration and I wish that applied, In exchange important thing to get better results.

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