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5 Most Modern Ways to unblock Youtube Facebook Twitter and DailyMotion in Pakistan

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The news about the ban on popular social networks in Pakistan has flown around the country at the speed of light. The reason for banning Youtube Facebook Twitter and also Dailymotion is due to Faizabad protest of religious parties. anyway! if you are looking for ways of blocked and banned Youtube, Facebook, Twitter DailyMotion, Here are the 5 most modern and successful ways to unblock blocked websites in Pakistan. (Note: This method can be used all other blocked websites too)

It is not the first time in Pakistan for the ban on some popular social media websites. On the date, 25 November 2017 Pakistan Telecumunection authority forced ban many Social Media Websites for unspecific time. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, DailyMotion everyone has accumulated enough important materials in these networks contacts, music, exclusive photos, and videos, documents. How not to lose the necessary information? We understand how to bypass the blocking of prohibited sites in Pakistan.

  • Privatix VPN

The free VPN from Privatix is the simplest and best way to bypass blocked Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and DailyMotion today. All you need is to open the official website of and select the device on which you need to bypass the blocked sites. No registration is required. It is enough to open the Privatix window after installation and click on the connection button. When the indicator turns green, your IP will be replaced and the blocked sites from Pakistan will be unlocked.

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Privatix can be added as a plug-in for the browser Chrome, Opera or Firefox.
Either download the mobile application for Android (from Google Play) / iOS (from the App Store) or the program for Windows. They unlock not only websites but the entire Internet for any applications (Skype, Classmates, etc.).

  • Sites-Anonymizers

This option is the simplest and most common. Sites-anonymizers are specifically designed to unblock blocked sites. They gained high popularity in Pakistan, after the attempts to block social networks 2017 in Pakistan.
Please search the following query in the search engine - "sites-anonymizers" immediately shows a lot of such resources.
For example:
Hide My Ass
PK Proxy

  • Proxy servers

To unblock blocked Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Dailymotion in Pakistan you can use proxy servers. Many browsers use them for the secure connection, for example, Opera Turbo. There are entire lists of proxy servers that will help you to go to the desired resources. You can find both paid sites, and free.
The downside of this method of bypassing the blocking of blocked social media in Pakistan may be that you need to understand a little about the network settings on your computer, but the search engine will always help you.

  • Browser Tor

This way of bypassing the lock is one of their most popular. Firstly, you can install it, secondly, the browser itself is easy to use, thirdly, it is free.
The principle of the Tor browser is provided by the use of a distributed network of servers, which in addition to calling on the blocked site also provides high anonymity.

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN is a network that is created on top of other networks, due to the virtual and public channels of other networks. The VPN provides high privacy and creates closures for unauthorized channels of information exchange.
In a number of countries where social networks are already banned, users purchase US VPN packages and use all the facilities of a private network.

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Final Words: In this article, I have covered 5 Most Modern Ways to unblock Youtube Facebook Twitter and DailyMotion Pakistan, These methods can be used for any other blocked website very easily. Like and share if you find it useful. Have a nice day