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5 reasons to move from Word to Google Docs

In this article, I have collected 5 reasons that, will make you think about using Google Doc.

Google Docs is free

You need to compare Google Dox not even with Word (a program for a computer), but with the Office 365 service. As you know, there the subscription is paid monthly or for a year.

You don’t have to pay anything at Google Doc. Except when there are a lot of files on your Disk. Then you will have to buy additional space. But filling 15 GB of free space with texts is a difficult problem, you are unlikely to succeed.

Google Docs is easy to use through a browser

To be fair, I note that Microsoft Office now has an online editor. If you have a Microsoft account, you can safely edit your texts online.

But the functionality of Microsoft’s online editor will unpleasantly surprise fans of a text editor for the Word computer. Many features have been removed. Others work with limitations.

In Google Dox, the functionality is the same everywhere: on a computer, on a phone, on a tablet. You can launch a regular browser and use the service without installing any programs.

Google Docs is more convenient for group work

Often in life, you need to discuss a text with colleagues or friends. Sending it by message. If the text is more than three paragraphs, then how will the interlocutor tell you his thoughts on its content?

Google Docs comes to the rescue. It is not necessary that all participants in the discussion have a Google account. Email from other operators will do just as well.

You can log in without authorization and leave comments in the document anonymously. Unless, of course, you will not be stopped by the fact that you will be introduced to the discussion participants.

Comments can be discussed. Your answer will be recorded below, the history of your correspondence will be saved.

Through Google Docs, it turned out to be convenient to agree on plans and standards for the interaction of projects in which more than two parties are involved. It came in handy for me at work.

Google Docs is handy on your phone

I never thought that texts on the phone could be relatively convenient to edit. But it turned out that this is possible. Not only without functionality limitations, but even with a couple of new, in comparison with a computer editor, chips. For example, mobile dox is able to add words, you can dictate text. The mobile keyboard also helps.

By the way, you can also dictate text on a computer using Ctrl-Shift-S.

It is clear that all mobile platforms are supported: existing (Google and Apple) and any new ones (via a web browser that is in any operating system).

Google Docs is growing faster

The rapid development of Google’s text editor is understandable. The functionality has not yet caught up with Word, so new features appear frequently. For example, text comparison has recently appeared.

And here’s another trick that hasn’t appeared in paid Word for decades. If you typed the text in the wrong layout, in Google Docs you can fix it with one mouse button.

In order to work with text without an Internet connection, open offline access to it.

The file will update in the cloud the next time you connect to the network.

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