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5 Type Of Blog You Should Know – Blogging Tips

5 Type Of Blog You Should Know – Blogging Tips

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You want to create a blog but do not know what the blog to be created? Here I am going to write the type of blogging. After reading, you will easily differentiates the type of blogs. As we know that blog is as same as your personal diary, where you write your daily routines and some unforgettable memories.  You are not alone in blogging. Many people who know the importance of blogging power. Below are five types of blogs that exist in cyberspace today.

  1. Personal Blog

Personal blogs are blogs that are generally made just for free time or share things of everyday life as same as your daily diary. This kind of blog is basically an online public record so that the topic could be anything. In addition, a personal blog is not intended to make money. Nevertheless, this kind of blog owners will still enjoy blogging. You can make it personal to hide your blog to show in search engines or you can share blog URL with your family, friends and with some whom you know very well.

  1. Blog Authority - Authority Blogs

Blog authority is a blog created by the serious and professional blogger. The purpose of the blog is to become an expert in the topic under discussion.

In terms of getting visitors, blog authority does not focus on visitors from search engines, but also to pick up visitors from social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest). Therefore, if the search engines do not even exist, blogs Authority of still getting traffic from social media.

Related content, blogs authorities are generally not concerned with keywords. Not surprisingly, the authorities publish blogs hundreds to thousands of quality articles because they discuss topics that are not narrow (eg, health, home, personal development, technology, etc.).

  1. Niche Blog

Unlike the authorities blogs, niche blogs focus on a specific keyword that attempted to break into page one search engine. Making the blog of this type have a pattern: keyword research, content creation, and search engine optimization.

In terms of visitors, niche blog cleave to visitors coming from search engines, so that the owners of niche blogs usually busy looking for the backlink from a variety of sources so that their blog enter to the first page of SERP.

Because only depend visitors from Google, the biggest drawback is the loss of patrons niche blog in an instant if the Google search algorithm update. You may have read something about the complaints of the owners of niche blogs on internet marketing forums because their blog is not appearing on the first page of Google search result pages of due to Google Panda, Google Penguin algorithms, or a manual Google penalty.

Today there are many discussions about which one is better in generating money between authority and niche blog. The fan of blog authority claimed that the authorities are the best blog to make money. Likewise with the claims of "niche blog lovers. However, in my view, both blogs are nice to make money throughout its content and quality backlinks.

  1. Company Blog

In recent years, many companies have added a blog on their website. Companies use their blogs to inform important announcement, introducing new products and services. These companies keeps in touch with customers with the help of communication features in blogging. The blog of this type generally is not monetized with advertisements for third parties.

Two examples of this type of blog are The Infolinks Blog and The Payoneer Blog.

  1. Blog Spam

Blog spam is a blog created by not paying attention to quality. This type of blog is generally in the form of blogs which automatically generated content (AGC) that can be easily created in the massive amount. The owners live using software (also specific code or plugin) create content from other people's blogs or websites.

Although these type of blog has easily created, but often gets complaints from owners of the blog whose content was taken due to copyright infringement. Not only that, this kind of blog become an easy target for Google penalty. Maybe they also ban by advertisements program, like Google Adsense.

By knowing the above five types of blogs, you get an idea of what kind of blog you want to create. As mine named The Tricks Peak is niche blog, where I write about web designing, blogging, technology reviews and money making strategies, for my readers. If you feel our blog useful, subscribe for our news-letter for any blog update.

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