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5 useful Google Chrome browser features you need to know
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

5 useful Google Chrome browser features you need to know

Nabeel Shoro How To

These Google Chrome features are available without additional extensions.

1. Shortcut to any page on the desktop

If you have a lot of bookmarks in the browser, and you need to save a few more links for a while, use the shortcut function. With its help, you can send it to the desktop a website icon that redirects immediately to the page you need.

To do this, open the Chrome settings on the selected page and select "Advanced Tools". In the submenu, there will be an item for creating a shortcut. Click on it and give the link a name.

2. Save page to PDF

If you need to save the page exactly in the form in which it is displayed in the browser, you can use the save function in PDF format. It is available through the Print menu. To go to it, press Ctrl + P and select the option “Save as PDF” on the left.

3. View a cached version of a site

To return to an earlier version of a web page or open an article already removed from the site, you can access the cache. To do this, add “cache:” before the page address and press “Enter”. In the same way, you can open previously viewed pages without connecting to the Web.

4. Return a closed tab with a key combination

There are several ways to open the last closed tab. The most inconvenient is to find the page in the browser history. A little more practical is to right-click on another tab and select "Open Closed Tab" in the drop-down menu.

The fastest way is to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T.

5. Watching YouTube in Picture-in-Picture Mode

To work in a browser or other programs without interrupting YouTube, a video can be opened in a separate window that will be displayed on top of all applications. To do this, go to the desired video, right-click on it, opening the first menu of the basic settings, and then click here a second time. Another context menu will open, in which there will be an item "Picture in Picture".

This function transfers the clip to a small window that will remain on the screen even if you minimize the browser. The size of the window can be adjusted by stretching it over the edges in different directions.

That's all, Now your turn, Which of the features of Google Chrome Browser do you use? Share in the comments!