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6 proven ways to make money in TikTok

Publishing videos in TikTok is pretty easy thanks to the built-in editor. To add special effects, you can use effects inside the editor, as well as special masks and filters. In the video, you can legally add any track from the free library of the application, or upload your audio.

Popular TikToker are already actively monetizing their accounts. How to profit from your TikTok account in 2020? We will analyze the proven methods:

  • Native advertising

It’s acceptable to advertise other accounts, brands, products, and services. This is a well-known format that is already successfully sold on Instagram. Experienced bloggers recommend observing the main rule of native advertising: we focus on the quality of content, advertising should be no more than 30%.

Let’s analyze one of the options for native advertising in TikTok. Suppose a music group has recorded a new track and wants to attract the attention of the audience to this event. Next, the group manager looks for bloggers with a suitable target audience and buys a placement from them (prices depending on the popularity of the tiktoker). The placement may be a video recording for the specified track.

  • Live broadcasts

Some time ago, TikToker blew up the story of a professional player from China. Meng Lei streamed his game in the application, one of these broadcasts gathered 22 million viewers who sent donations to the player for 1 million yuan, which amounted to about 167 thousand dollars!

That is, another option for monetizing an account in TikTok is to receive donations (thanks in monetary terms, in the application it is called coins or tips, in an average of 100 coins it costs about $ 1) from the audience. Such broadcasts are available for tickers with many followers from 1000, TikTok will take 20% of donations. Amounts can be withdrawn to a bank card or online wallet, withdrawal is available from $ 10.

  • Influence marketing

The large reach in TikTok surely attracts large and medium-sized advertisers, despite the inability to put a direct link to your project. In-app advertising inspires user confidence and strengthens the brand position. This type of monetization is available to bloggers from 10-20 thousand subscribers. Usually, influence-marketing in TikTok includes the following activities:

  • creating viral videos
  • Challenges
  • publishing brand hashtags videos
  • Affiliate Programs

A popular tikToker can become a member of the affiliate program and receive deductions from going to the page or selling the advertised product. The blogger is required to put the right link under the video and motivate the audience to follow it. These methods of promotion are actively used by traffic arbitrators.

Typically, such a scheme works as follows: an interesting video is posted in TikTok, but in an incomplete form, under the video, there is a link to another social network (YouTube or Instagram) and from there, there is a redirect to an affiliate link (either in the profile header or in the story). The application has proven itself in partnerships with offers for clothing, cosmetics, and products in general for a young audience, as well as for the games and entertainment industry.

  • Attracting customers to the business

TikTok works great as an additional advertising channel for attracting customers to online and offline businesses. The best performance so far in the niches voiced in the paragraph above. The specifics of the audience are affected, the products “for the youth audience” most likely “enter”.

In the application, you can get wide coverage with the help of a catchy viral video. However, there are limitations: you cannot configure an exact target by parameters, for example, by geolocation.

  • TikTok manager

The demand for promotion in TikTok has thrown the work of SMM-managers. The new social network requires new skills, mainly related to the preparation of video content. Most often, the tasks of a tiker manager include:

  • promotion strategy planning,
  • scripting videos,
  • terms of reference for photographers and videographers,
  • account promotion
  • communication and engagement of the audience, activity planning,
  • communication with brands and customers for advertising.

Conclusion: TikTok enters everyday life with huge turns and is gaining popularity. If you spend time recording videos, it’s just silly not to take advantage of monetization opportunities. It is important to remember some of the limitations that the new social network imposes:

  • you need to prepare for the difficulties and not abandon the work with accounts in other popular social networks. Reason: TikTok does not yet allow direct links to anything other than its social networks;
  • age restrictions: earning in Tik-Tok is officially possible only from the age of 18 or with the consent of the parents.

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