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6 Ways To Get Google PageRank

6 Ways To Get Google PageRank

Nabeel Shoro SEO

In this article I will review the top 6 ways to get the Google PageRank, how quickly to web search engines, especially Google wanted to give the PageRank on your website or blog. PageRank as we know it is a difficult term to understand and most bloggers do not fully understand. It is true that, there are probably only a few people in the world who really understand it, because Google is keeping secrets of their PageRank algorithm. Getting your Google PageRank is not something you can do in one day. If it can be done of course everyone will have a Google PageRank with ease.

6 Quick way to Get Google PageRank

Ways To Get Google PageRank
Google PageRank

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Here I try to give tips to get or increase PageRank.

1. Get a backlink from a site / blog with high quality (high PageRank).
To increase the PageRank of your blog may not be able to do in just an instant, but it takes time and constant effort. One of the best ways is to look for quality backlinks from sites / blogs with high pagerank and already has high traffic.

2. Use SEO Techniques.
Search engine optimization is an important part of Google PageRank order to improve this. With the possibility of posting our SEO techniques to indexed higher in the Google SERP. Of course this is in addition to the effect of PageRank we will also affect the amount of traffic that will go to our blog. For business SEO techniques

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3. Write original content.
As I point out in the first post how to write a good article, do not mere post content of the site / blog. Try to write content that is truly original result of own ideas and creativity. Even if you copy and mere post your own content from one page or one site to another, do not do it. Why? because Google usually act violently towards any kind of scraping the content, even if you are completely innocent. After your PageRank lowered, almost impossible to get and upgrade again.

4. Do not be a spammer
Many bloggers believe that it is very important to obtain backling to increase their blog traffic and PageRank, so they began to leave a comment anywhere and everywhere all over the web, participating in random link exchanges with anyone who is willing to participate and share with you, and so on. Remember, as the first item on the list is to say, Google's algorithm cares about the quality of the links, not quantity.

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5. Write quality content.
Remember, the original content is not the same as quality content. It was certainly different, not necessarily quality original content. So if you can write quality original content at the same time. If you write quality content, people would be interested in reading your content a whole and the possibility to visit again increases.

6. Frequently active in the Forum.
Active in the forum was also influential in Pagerank . It proved, one blogger friends who are active in the forum, could have a PageRank 5. We can also get backlinks and of course it will affect traffic and alexa rank us. Hopefully we can see high.

OK  ...'We have read all the tips above? Only it's just a way for us to get PageRank Hopefully this post help you!!!

Enjoy Blogging. :-)