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7 Great WordPress Widgets for Your Site

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WordPress has taken the web world by storm. It’s wide range of tools, plugins, themes and widgets allow webmasters to create a top-notch website in minutes. You can extend the functionality, and enhance the design of your site within a few clicks. Even you can add informative content to your site to encourage more web visitors to access your site.

WordPress offers a ton of overwhelming widgets that lets you add static as well as dynamic content to the widget-ready areas of your theme in a matter of few minutes. Widget-ready areas in a theme include a sidebar, footer, and the header where you can include the additional content of your site. Widgets are one of the incredible features of WordPress that make your site more attractive and interactive.

They can make the life of a website owner easy - all you need to do is to active the plugin, drag the widget to the relevant widget zone, and configure it. This drag and drop interface makes the design process super easy.

Here, I bring you the list of top 7 WordPress widgets that simplify the widget design process and save a lot of time and effort.

1.    Better Weather - WordPress and Visual Composer Widget

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This is a great widget for a lot of websites, but especially awesome for business websites for travel/tourism industry.

It looks stunning, works well, and very, very flexible. The plugin allows you to customize background image, has 2 legible layout styles to pick from, has about 10 styles for different weathers, and the widget itself can be placed practically anywhere on the page: sidebar and inline (through).

The output is high-res and retina-ready, which is a huge plus. The fact that the plugin is kept updated is also reassuring.

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2.    Sidebar Widget Manager

sidebar & widget manager for wordpress, sidebar widget wordpress plugin

For a price of $23 from Code Canyon, you can get Sidebar and Widget Manager.

This ‘plugin’ lets you widgetize entire pages on your WordPress website, regardless of your theme’s layout. You can create as many sidebars as you want and drop whatever widgets you like in their place. You can add/replace custom sidebars; choose between vertical/horizontal alignment options, set widgets visibility, make them sticky, and more.

For all this flexibility, the widget itself is remarkably fast and responsive. If you are on cards-layout trend too, this is the plugin for you.

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3.    Stock Market Widget for WordPress

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This is the widget every finance-related website/blog needs on WordPress.

Stock Market Widget uses HTML snippets to let you add scroll-able stock tickers, stock quotes, currency exchange rates, stock charts, and even the latest news headlines in a post, page, or sidebar. Styling it is easy (if you know your way around CSS).

It works on Yahoo Finance API and captures data from over 35 major stock exchange platforms across the world, except for Dow Jones Index, Indian and Bombay Stock Exchange, and Commodities and precious metals.

4.    Advanced Categories Widget

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Advanced Categories Widget outputs posts sorted by categories they were filed into. It lets you add images and description to categories, set order and number of categories to display, displays post-count for each category, and more. The output can be styled with CSS and JavaScript

It displays the categories in widget, feed, list, and grid forms. It’s nothing fantastic, but developers can do some pretty great work with it. The widget is a must-have for content-heavy sites.

5.    Smart Post Lists Widget

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The Smart Post Lists Widget lets you create post lists in any widget-area (custom or default) you want.

Once you drag and drop the widget on a widget-area, The Smart Post Lists widget turns the area into a post-list where you can showcase your posts filtered by Categories, Tags, or authors. It lets you set list order, images, custom CSS (for every widget) and more. The output shows up complete with Title, post excerpt, date, and comment-counts.

6.    Fancy Text widget

Fancy Text widget

This plugin is like a $8 makeover for your widgets.

Fancy Text Widget fanci-fies your widgets by customizing their looks using 10 fancy pins/taps/icons, 10 ‘handwritten’ style Google Fonts, 6 background textures, adjustable corner shadow effects, and unlimited background/font colors through color picker.

It makes for a pretty sweet looking widget area.

7.    Advanced Text Widget Pro

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Add as many widgets as you want from anywhere, but when they become unmanageable and you can’t decide which ones should be shown where, Advanced Text Widget Pro comes to rescue.

This is a simple widget-visibility-manager. You add conditions on widgets’ visibility; this widget-master carries them out. It applies to section-specific navigation, promotional content, ads, content relevant to specific sections/pages of the website etc.

It comes with 10 default conditions.


Hopefully, you have enjoyed this list of seven powerful WordPress widgets. All the widgets mentioned in this blog post are reliable and easy to use. You can choose the most suitable one according to your business needs and specifications.

Author Bio: Lucy Barret is a talented blogger and experienced Web Developer at HireWPGeeks, an HTML to WP Company. She is currently handling all major conversion projects with her team of developers. You can also follow her company on FacebookFacebook.