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7 Tips for Optimize Performance of Smartphone without Having Root

Today Smartphones are the main part of every day life. Fast working performance and features are main advantages for android users, but some time working ability decreases because of many factors. Various kinds of methods are used to maximize the performance and potential of smartphones, one way or the root process of access to the Android operating system. However, not all users want their smartphone to be rooted.

The process of root access to the Android operating system for some people is absolutely necessary to maximize the potential performance of the smartphone. However, not all users want their smartphone to be rooted. Why?

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Disadvantages of Root Android Phone: Because of Various weaknesses, some time total dead, vulnerability to viruses, to the loss of the warranty.

For those of you who do not want his smartphone at root, here are some easy tips and tricks that can be used to improve the performance of the smartphone. Although optimization can not be equivalent to rooting, the following tricks worth a try at home.

  1. Restart smartphones periodically.
    This can create a data cache or the rest of the online activities of applications. This has been revived to be noticeably.
  1. Do not install many applications.
    After buying a smartphone, you should look at the limits of the specification that carries a smartphone. This way you can know the number of ideal applications or activities that can be carried by the smartphone. Remember to give the load on smartphone makes its performance more down.
  1. Keep update the Android OS.
    Update Android OS and ROM will usually provide many updates that make the smartphone a better performance and stable.
  1. Save memory of Android.
    More applications you have installed, automatically there will be a lot of memory to be used and eventually make the smartphone more slowly. Therefore, always install an application that you really need.
  1. Remove applications routinely.
    Well, instead of adding the application that led to the decline of performance, better remove unused applications and replace them with new ones.
  2. Turn off the application.
    if you have not been willing to remove applications that are rarely used, you can take a shortcut others to keep improving the performance of smartphones, is to turn off or disable the application. This step you can do in the 'Application' in the settings menu. Disable or 'stop' does not delete it, but turn it off for a while.
  1. Immediately update the application
    Android application developers would have to publish updates or updates on applications made ​​by them in Google Play regularly. Although the update notification can sometimes feel irritating, you better not ignore the notice. Routine application update can fix system errors or bugs in the application. Some even provide new features that can boost the performance of the smartphone.

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