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9 Online Marketing Strategies Through Instagram

Instagram is a photo sharing application that allows users to take photos, apply a digital filter, and distributed to various social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. One unique feature in Instagram is a photo cut into a square shape and applies filters and can be selected interesting.

Instagram can be used in all smartphone with a variety of operating system platforms. The more users that could potentially use  Instagram, place to do business.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategies Through Instagram

Here are 9 tips and Marketing Strategy to develop online business via Instagram:

 1. Profile information

Do not cover and should always be open, use the original identity of the existence or location of your store. Explain your online store, about what, to whom, can shipping to an extent, what a way to contact, how to order. Explain every thing!

2. Upload Good Photos

Sometimes the results are not good portrait of a smartphone. If necessary use a special digital camera with good results stills and then upload to your Instagram account. Creative photo will also add interest to the prospective buyer.

 3. Spread to other social networks

When ready to release the photos processed on Instagram, further to include the photo spread to your other social networking such as Facebook, Twitter etc. The spread is the same as the publication of viral and known by many people.

 4. Follow as many friends

Many friends are a lot of luck and also apply if the initiative to make new friends would bring forth follower. When you follow someone then the system of notification to the person doing it and potentially to see you.

 5. Use the hastag targeted

For example, if your business will upload photos of food, create hastag in #food such description. So those who love food will find your posts.

 6. Upload a video or photo business processes on a regular basis

Buyers are located close to shops offline or location you will surely come directly though just to see or make sure that the location of the place of your online store is really there. Take advantage of this sort of thing to make a video transaction between buyers and you as the owner of the shop; do not forget to make a video testimonial! Then upload the situation and the activities of the workers in your offline store.

7. Provide entertainment content

The purpose of Instagram established is for everyone to share photos or videos. In order not to give too monotonous upload photos / videos that are entertaining, such as providing a funny photo, or funny video. Sometimes this will generate a light chatter of the follower, so we are not too rigid in business.

8. Education

Give the content of photos / videos that are educational to the follower. Sometimes the buyer does not want vain to buy products with knowing in depth benefits.

9. Create Online Photo Gallery Blog

Why I still need a website? Yes because the content in Instagram not covering / as who are in the website. Keep your website final destination complete information for your business. Every now and then write the name of your website in the description of your Instagram content.

Good luck Have a Nice Day  :-)

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