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App that will solve all your Math Problems

App that will solve all your Math Problems

Nabeel Shoro Apps Review

Photomath; that will solve all your Math Problems. The application that all students in the world have been dreaming about for a while now available. Photomath is application that will end the headaches of hundreds of thousands of students around the world and undoubtedly will increase not less teachers.

The application is now available for Windows Phone OS free, Android users will have to use to early next year to enjoy it. As you can see from the picture, the operation of this application will be talking about is simple. Photomath scans the mathematical operation that the user wishes to solve with the integrated camera on your smartphone and .... the result is displayed.

App that will solve all your Math Problems

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This magical app works with latest technology dedicated to text recognition, but is not gold that glitters, Photomath is only able to recognize printed text, not handwritten. However, this limitation that it detracts from the application, the truth is that even hard for me to understand the lyrics of some people ... In short, this application meets basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, equations of first degree, fractions, square roots and even some types of logarithms.

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