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Apple Watch 15 Features That Can Make This Super Watch

Apple Watch 15 Features That Can Make This Super Watch

The Apple - Company is going to revolutionizing the technology market with new appliance, Apple Watch. It is an unconventional clock with which users will be able to do much more than look at the time. In this article we look at some of the salient features of the new Apple device – Apple Watch

This is the first Apple device that brings the concept of garment with technological equipment of last generation. Many experts agree that this is just the eating of a new era in this regard. The clock, with S1 processor, has three versions with different finishes each, and is available in two sizes: 38 mm and 42 mm

This watch to come to revolutionize the concept of integrated into our clothing or, conversely technology, will be a good attempt at Apple do not amount to anything or not? We'll know in time, for now let's see what gives this watch.

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Apple Watch-15 Features

Image source: Apple

1. It is a tactile watch. It offers an attractive operating system that allows the user to manage all the applications simply

2. Make and receive calls and text messages. The watch has access to different communication applications

3. Is able to analyze the content text and suggest quick answers. In addition, alerts the user with a slight vibration on the wrist when receiving notifications

4. It has Wi-Fi.

5. Walkie talkie service that allows sending voice message to other users

6. It is capable of measuring the pace of our beats. It has a heart rate sensor in the part that is in contact with our skin

7. The clock has a sensor able to count our steps, calculate the calories burned and measuring the activity of our body

8. There is an application called Workout able to set goals and manage our time collecting data exercise our daily activities (times, exercise, calories burned, heart rhythms)

9. It has applications for music, watch TV and videos

10. With the application, the user is able to dictate texts and ask questions. The program is responsible to answer them (whenever possible)

11. If the user asks directions, the watch has a map application able to guide you to where you want

12. It has a virtual wallet. This allows the user to pay your purchase simply approaching your watch to a special device; and there are companies that work with this system

13. It has a sensible automatic display. When the user lifts his wrist, the watch display turns on automatically. Moreover, if the user receives a call you want to ignore, they just cover the screen with hand

14. With the Animated Application which the user is able to customize images and instantaneously to send other users

15. There is an application called WatchKit that allows developers to create applications.

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So friends these were some hidden feature we discussed, hope you find theme informative, for more Technology New and Tips visit our Technology Category. Have a nice day.