Facebook has released CatchUp a new application for Audio calls and How to use CatchUp Application

FaceBook’s new audio calling App CatchUp offers simple calls, like in the days of regular phones. At the same time, users themselves indicate their willingness to talk Facebook’s NPE Team Experimenters New Voice Calling App CatchUp Its feature is that it shows users when subscribers are ready to communicate.Facebook knows the importance of communication, especially […]

How to

How to enable Miracast on Android

Smartphones are not made for only make calls but You can install almost any application for study or work on a smartphone, as well as a messenger or client of a popular social network. Moreover, such devices perfectly replace a computer, allowing you to watch videos or movies. It’s just that it’s extremely inconvenient to […]

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How to connect AirPods to Android

Almost every person uses wireless headphones now, as it is convenient. For example, without additional cables, you can listen to music or podcasts while walking, cycling, or just jogging. Headsets from various manufacturers are available for sale, but AirPods are the most popular. Because the manufacturer of these headphones is Apple, many people have an […]


5 Agribusiness Jobs You Need To Know About

As an agricultural country, the profession in the agribusiness sector is not gaining popularity compared to other professions. Even though with the potential for food that is handled properly, the soil of dawn Indonesia offers many Agribusiness job vacancies for graduates who study it. The following are some of the professions that an Agribusiness graduate […]