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Basics of Site Security

Basics of Site Security | Prevent Anyone from Trying to Penetrate the Site

Safety is the most important part of every Website. This is why we always do a backup of the content of our WordPress site. Attacks are very common and it can be an attack Brute Force. This basically means that a hacker tries to guess your password even get it. And often uses penetrate a script for this purpose. For this reason, I would like to inform you of the necessary thing to achieve the greatest possible safety and prevent anyone from trying to penetrate the site.

Secure Login on the Site

Limit Login Attempts ( ) allows us to track and determine the number of failed login attempts, where after several failed attempts are blocking access to several hours.

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Why do you need Limit Login Attempts in the Code Word Press?

Sometimes believed that the hacker knows your password, or it may develop a script to guess your password. In this case, all you need to do is to limit login attempts and the reduction of failed logon attempts will lock works on the login box, if he has breached enter the wrong password more than one time. And will be prevented from logging for a specific period. And you can control the settings of the management code of your WordPress. This will also know the number of people who are trying to break through your website. If you see that the same IP address tries to access your website, you can ban the IP address of this.