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Best Five To-Do List and Reminder Apps

If you remain busy in your daily life and you can’t plan your daily planning, don’t worry, because there are some top applications for you, which can be very helpful. You need only a smartphone with the internet connection. Well, these applications especially for those people who are always busy with various activities. So you do not miss the various meetings or other important activities.

Here are Five To-Do List and Reminder Apps

  • Google Keep - notes and lists

Internet king Google does not want to fall behind in creating applications to-do list. Google released with the update of Android OS 5.0 Lollipop.

Advantages of Google Keep

Google Keep allows users to record any notes quickly, with the Voice Memos feature. In addition, Google Keep also offers quick search feature of the overall record that has been created. Users also can perform such synchronization with Google Drive application when using the PC or tablet.

This application reminds with the various colors of sticky notes. Each different record is displayed in a variety of colors as well.

Disadvantages of Google Keep

Unfortunately, this application can only be enjoyed via the Android device.

  • Wunderlist To-Do List and Reminder

Initiall, Wunderlist was only available for the Mac and Windows but is finally available on all platforms, from iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

This application looks very simple and easy to use. You can collaborate with family or friends by sending an e-mail. Users can also include images, PDF, and file via this application to the other.

  • Evernote

Who does not know this application? Initially, Evernote functions like regular digital records. But with many applications reminders and to-do lists, eventually this application adds similar functionality, such as Notes and Voice Recording. In addition, there are also features Chat to comment on your notes to friends via e-mail.

Another function of this application is to store various site address, draw, and do a search with ease on every note.

  • MicroSoft OneNote

Microsoft is also not to be outdone in providing applications to-do list for a variety of platforms. Just like Google Keep that can connect directly to Google Drive, this application also allows users to synchronize via SkyDrive.

This application functions like Microsoft Word, but the user can add various pieces of a picture of the site, add audio files, and add reminders of various records. Because these applications from Microsoft, other advantages possessed is the integration with a variety of files from other Microsoft Office, such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook.

  • To Do Reminder

Initially, this application is only embedded in the smartphone made by Sony Xperia series. However, because of the number of users, the developer finally releases it to the app store. This application view is unique because of the many colors in it. To Do Reminder has a sidebar on the left that displays the main features, namely Birthday and To Do Tasks.

Users can connect these applications directly with various social media accounts for synchronization. Each task also has a setting time, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

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All above five applications can greatly help your daily life, especially for those who easily forget. Do not hesitate to give advice to other similar applications via the comments field below.

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