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Channels in BlackBerry Messenger - Social Networking For Business Fan Page

Nabeel Shoro BBM

Blackberry introduced a new social platform called BBM Channels. Passing Channels, expanded use of this, is not just limited to the exchange of messages between relatives, but can also be made ​​fans page your business.

BBM Channels is possible for businesses, community or brand makes an official account as facilities connecting fans to fans, connect to communities, and any brand you love. Each user can Create Channels, then open to follow by other users. Some can see the future follower Up to Date Status or news posted by Owner of Channels. In addition, some followers may make comments or likes to write it, and do chat one-on-one to the owner Channels private time chat feature is enabled.

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BlackBerry Platform a Social Networking For Business

Features of BBM Channels:

1. Create, edit, and publish quickly. Unlimited number of followers can be managed through a BlackBerry Smartphone or website.

2. Discover channels: Channels BBM help you find the latest channels. You can invite friends to join the channel through chat or PIN / QR code.

3. View: Viewing profile of Channels that will follow.

4. Subscribe to the channel, allowing the owner of the channel sends an update post.

Follower has a choice 'receive new messages' or not.

5. Participate: Follower could comment and like posts. Channel owners can chat one-on-one with the follower.

6. Monitor Engagement: Tools that make it easy to monitor interaction with followers.

These features will be there for Blackberry platform.

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