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How to secure the Windows 7 system without updates

Do you want to remain on Windows 7 - How to secure the Windows 7 system without updates?

Windows 7 is perhaps Microsoft's best operating system. No wonder it is so loved by users around the world. Although Microsoft ended the support in January 2020, many users continue to use Windows 7 OS and are not even going to switch to Windows 10. 
Let us leave the discussion of whether this is correct or not and focus on how to protect our windows 7 system that no longer receives security updates after January 2020.

How to continue to use the Windows 7 operating system without updates.

1. Install a reliable browser

The old browser is the open door for many malicious programs, so this is the first thing you need to pay attention to. Along with the end of support for the operating system itself, updates will no longer come for Internet Explorer. Of course, few people use it, but be aware of use Internet Explorer in Old and expired OS, for example, Windows 7.
Fortunately, third-party browsers still support Windows 7 and are receiving updates. However, this will not last forever. Install any of the browsers: Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

2. Install a third-party antivirus

As with Internet Explorer, the standard antivirus will also stop receiving updates. This means that if you did not use a third-party antivirus relying solely on the built-in tools of the operating system, then it's time to install a third-party antivirus. 
In an environment where the operating system is potentially vulnerable, it is better to play it safe. Moreover, this does not have to be a paid product.

3. Do not use an administrator account

Get a regular user account and use it for everyday tasks. This, of course, will affect usability, but your system will be a little safer. The fact is that if your account does not have rights to install programs, then viruses cannot be installed either. Roughly speaking, the system simply will not let the executable file run.

4. Update or change unreliable software

Programs in which there are loopholes for viruses are potentially no less dangerous than an outdated operating system. If you are still actively using some outdated software, such as Microsoft Office 2007, then update or change it. And in general, it is better to select programs carefully. Do not run unknown executable files and download them only from reliable sources.
Final Words: you need to understand that if you do not store anything important on a computer with Windows 7, regularly back up data, don’t pay by credit card online or your PC is not connected to the Internet at all, then the danger is minimized. Active users, in any case, are better off switching to Windows 10 or another current system.
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