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Do's and Don'ts in SEO Strategies 2015

Nabeel Shoro SEO

Hello webmaster, Hope you fine. In some of my earlier writings of Search engine optimization category, I mentioned the importance of having great care in planning and implementing SEO strategies if you missed one of them please read at SEO category.

Further, I will add some more important information in the term of SEO. For search engine optimization, we must use it with awareness and especially understand that there's no use trying desperately to position your site for terms they are not as relevant.

After many updates of Google algorithm since I started my blog, Every time I got in touch with Google updates, so I learn a lot from it. When I started The Tricks Peak, I had very few knowledge about search algorithms but now I know how Google's algorithm must be used in order to help both the user and Google itself to deliver relevant results. Make up the site and try to take advantage at any cost, and unfair, surely will take your website to pay a very expensive price.

I also realized that Google is the king of the internet, no one can misconduct it, in term of any SEO tactics, are popularly known as Black Hat SEO.

The Black Hat is actually the use of SEO techniques irregularly, manipulating and fooling Google's algorithm, trying to show it that a site is relevant to a particular content or has a popularity that matches actually not the reality.

But Google is smarter then these techniques. Google also has a number of variables to define which site will get a better index than others. Manipulate these variables erratically is breaking the rules and policies of search engines.

Some of the most frequent abuses are:

Create multiple pages or sites only to generate links to your main site;

Putting words on the site under the covers (white text on white background);

Inconsistent and abusive repetition of words and terms of specific terms;

Optimize the website and Meta tags for search engines to understand in a way and display a page with completely different content for users (unauthorized redirects)

Unnatural links of a site: create the links at low-ranking websites.

Well, I think that these are only the main points for your example purpose, however, it is recommended to read the Google Quality Guidelines for more detail.

Final words: - We should acknowledge that Google alone can identify many of these manipulations of any site which didn’t follow Google Web Master Guideline. Many webmasters complain that their site’s ranking decreases day by day or they don’t receive any organic traffic etc, for their kind information that may be they are penalized by Google.

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It is important to know the separate punishment. Any punishment which is usually less complicated can be reversed; fewer punishments are: - it can come through reduction in page page-rank, loss of positions in the searches, no indexing new pages of the site, etc. In the vast majority of these cases, the right is to identify where the optimization excesses and fix them as quick as possible.

After this is done, it's time to ask Google to reconsider the site, cross your fingers and wait. To find out if your site is indexed or not, just type in Google

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