Evernote and its benefits you need to know

Evernote is a sync manager for your notes. You can create and edit notes through any computer that has a web browser installed, and through some types of mobile phones. You can save pictures, web pages, voice recordings, text, in general, whatever you want.

What is convenient is that when you draw a note written manually (unless of course, it is readable at all), Evernote will automatically recognize the text and save it in a separate file. Suppose you made some notes on paper during a meeting that you might find useful later. Paper can easily get lost, but Evernote will save all your notes. Take a picture of your notes, and then just upload them to Evernote. After that, they will not go anywhere from you.

Evernote can also help you control waste, save money and time.

1. Use it to control your spending while traveling. When traveling, we often spend a lot of money, and then we can’t remember what this or that amount took. Evernote saves you from lengthy calculations.

2. Record the prices of the same products in different stores, so that you can compare them later and make a purchase where it’s cheaper.

3. Keep track of potential investment opportunities. Often reading ads or an article in a newspaper about the opportunity to invest money profitably, you do not have enough time to immediately understand everything in detail. Use Evernote to schedule this for later.

4. Use Evernote in the library to jot down important information. Why carry a laptop with you when you can make the necessary notes with Evernote!

5. Write down ideas for birthday gifts for relatives and friends. We often don’t know what to give them for their birthday, and, oddly enough, good ideas come up all of a sudden. Evernote helps you not to forget them.

In short, Evernote can make life easier for anyone with the most ordinary lifestyles.

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