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Experience Overview on Top Online Storage Services

Online storage is kind of cloud storage, which gives many advantages to users. Due to these online storage services, we able to store all our personal as well as business stuff at one place, from where we can share with our friends, family, and colloquies. Online storage services are competing for customers benefits and specifics offered. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have any doubt about the decision to use, The Tricks Peak may help you review them, this post published after reviews of users experience via many sources.

Top Online Storage Services - Storage on the Cloud

Google Drive (Google Cloud Storage Service)

First we look on one of the very famous online storage service; named Google Drive. Google drive storage service is more focused on Android users and Google services (Gmail, Google+ and photos).

Features of Google Drive: Initially, it offering 15 GB of free storage. We can use Google's online tools for editing documents. Google Drive applications for Android or iOS, have a relatively quick background synchronization feature to see who has access to documents, an overview of recent changes, etc. You can even enable offline access and print files directly from the application. Its advantage is localization in over 70 languages, tailored approach for blind and visually impaired users, including improved access to the keyboard, support for zoom and high contrast, and compatibility with screen readers. Google Drive also includes an option for the OCR text scanning.

Its advantage is localization in over 70 languages, tailored approach for blind and visually impaired users, including improved access to the keyboard, support for zoom and high contrast, and compatibility with screen readers. Google Drive also includes an option for the OCR text scanning.

OneDrive (MicroSoft Storage Service)

OneDrive can be used in addition to the personal computer and to any Xbox and Windows Phone. It has an initial capacity of 15GB free. If you activate the mobile option for backup photos, it automatically increases more free capacity to 18 GB.

In terms of additional functionality, you can use the functions that can be accessed from the browser, you can create Microsoft Office documents on your network and keep them in the cloud of OneDrive, and it is convenient. It is also not necessary that you have an Office 365 account.

Moreover, you can use free web applications for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. In terms of editing documents to enable the simultaneous operation of more persons in the same document. Onedrive is because in part of the collaboration is superior to the competition. For those who need to apply this way of working, this option could prevail in the decision on the selection of storage services in the cloud.

Dropbox (Operated by Dropbox.Inc)

When you register an account at Dropbox it offers only 2 GB of free space. We will agree that it is a little, but there are several ways to increase its storage limit.

How to Increase Dropbox Storage Limit?

Here are the tips: you can increase the Dropbox storage by sending your referral links, sharing folders with friends, watching Dropbox Tour, installing the Dropbox application on other computers you use, and so on.

For all these activities, you can get an additional 250 MB free storage. If you connect your Dropbox with Twitter or Facebook social networks or any .edu e-mail address, you can get up to 768 MB of free space.

Dropbox has also applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry-based devices. By default, synchronizes only files stored in a folder under its own name. Synchronization with any other folder requires advanced setup. It is commendable that if you already have created a specific file that is saved only change occurred. This saves on bandwidth. All data is transferred over SSL and encrypted AES-256 method.

Do you have very large files? The backup from your computer to the Dropbox cloud service; it can affect the performance of other applications in terms of slowing down.

Is it more users, not a single document, each of them must separately download a specific document and upon completion of the transaction will synchronize changes on Dropbox. Unfortunately, if you or-or three users working on the same document, and even complete it, only the first who did it can make a change. Dropbox does not connect all the changes. All merger documents should be done manually.

What Dropbox apart from the rest is the service that keeps copies of accidentally or intentionally deleted files 30 days in the free version. This means that you can restore deleted files. The disadvantage is the limitation of transferring files via the website to 10 GB.

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Box (an IBM file sharing service)

Offers 10 GB when you register a Box account. For $ 10 a month, you can increase the storage space to 100 GB.

Features of Box: Box also binds to Google Plus, Gmail, and other Google services. In daily use, offers drag and drop synchronization, or select the folder you want to synchronize from the desktop application. There is equated with competitive Dropbox service. You can organize files in folders as you do on your computer and tag with keywords in order to alleviate the search when you need. Box has an advantage over the competition that no problems opening Photoshop files even if you do not have Photoshop installed on your computer. Moreover Box service characterized built Quick office document editor, on par with Microsoft's online Office 365. For more people work on one document offers to comment and editing changes in real time.

Advantages of Box: an effective way to manage work-flow more people in a single document, send an e-mail to anyone using a particular document if there have been some changes.

Final Words: Are you afraid that which storage service is most reliable and secure, after read above reviews, your confusion might be clear and sure release the tension that someone might steal your documents or files stored in one of the Cloud service, please note that you must have some confidence in the service provider. It is very similar to the relationship that you have to your bank. The risk is always there, but these are the best cloud storage services whose job is to care about data security.

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