Facebook has released CatchUp a new application for Audio calls and How to use CatchUp Application

FaceBook’s new audio calling App CatchUp offers simple calls, like in the days of regular phones. At the same time, users themselves indicate their willingness to talk

Facebook’s NPE Team Experimenters New Voice Calling App CatchUp Its feature is that it shows users when subscribers are ready to communicate.
Facebook knows the importance of communication, especially now that the world is facing a difficult situation. People are forced to stay at home, therefore, by any means maintain contact with each other. In this regard, new calling application CatchUp will be an excellent assistant, since the program offers simple calls – such as during the time of conventional push-button phones. According to studies, one of the main reasons people don’t call friends, relatives, and friends more often is that they don’t know when they are ready to talk to them. Often people worry that they can call at an uncomfortable time. but CatchUp solves this problem.

Important features of CatchUp Application.

In the CatchUp application, users can indicate that they are ready for a conversation by setting the appropriate status. It will be visible to all other participants. In addition to individual calls, CatchUp also has group calls, which are easy to join. The program is not related to the Facebook application, so users do not need to have a social network account. Linking is carried out by phone number, as in any other messenger, so you can even chat with those who do not have a Facebook account.

How to use CatchUp Application.

CatchUp is currently being tested in the US on iOS and Android. Since this is an experimental product, I hope Facebook will release and updates all over the world as soon as possible.

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