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Facebook Video for Online Marketing

You like watching videos online? Where do you usually watch the video? The majority of the answer is Youtube . Who does not know Youtube? This site has become a mainstay for those presenting video content.

What other video content providers? There are also Vimeo, but it turns out the most is Instagram video content integrated with social networking facilities are up.

The surprising thing is Facebook current challenges Youtube to the dominance of video content. According to the survey Social bakers, provider of analytic social media, Facebook users showed increased very active in uploading and spreading viral video content.

This is a big problem for YouTube, they can lose a lot of presentations and audience up loader distribution of video content. As for Facebook, this is a plus. With the increasing amount of video content and interactions that occur therein then facebook will be more popular.

In September 2014 Facebook says it serves up to 1 billion videos per day. They also said that in the range between May and July, the Potential growth of video on Facebook jumped to 50%.

Michael Stelzner, founder explain about the power of Facebook that many people spend time on Facebook. According to Alexa, the ranking information provider visits (traffic rank), Facebook is the second largest website with more than 500 million users. Facebook has also become the second largest as a provider of video content after Youtube.

In business, the presence of the facility of video content on Facebook is potential. Facebook users always find out the latest news from friends and so are the favorite brands. This could be a positive gap for marketers to insert video content in each of his status is then seen by its network and fished a lot of interaction.

Facebook Video for Online Marketing

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Benefits of Facebook Video for Marketing

For marketers, the presence of the phenomenon of widespread use of video content on Facebook is lots of potential. Why videos on Facebook  are so important? Here are a few reasons:

  • Most social networking prefers to spend time on Facebook than on Youtube.
  • Video on Facebook can be enjoyed using a smartphone or laptop browser. It is the same as in Youtube.
  • It's easy interactions other Facebook users. They could immediately comment.
  • Video content owners can do Tagging to friends who want to will appear in the timeline of his friends are.
  • Facebook users can share the video content through its timeline and seen by the network. Open the effects of viral communication.
  • When a Facebook user clicks like / love the video it will automatically appear in his news feed. This will be known by the network of friendship. Open the effects of viral communication.
  • Video content on Facebook will appear in Google Search, so the chances of spreading more.
  • Facebook video content can be installed / pasted into your website / blog. This function is almost the same as yours Youtube

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