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Facebook Will Soon Be Available Offline – Facebook App

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If you have no data connection or you are on a trip by train, where data connection is not available to access the internet and you are missing your favorite social media network (Facebook). Don’t worry! Read this post, will guide you how to use Facebook in Offline, How to use Facebook without a internet connection.

The social network (Facebook) is working on an offline mode that would download some content in your smartphone, in order to restore them when the data connection is cut off.

As soon as the you reached the data connection areas, you will be online mode.

What Advantage of Offline Mode Of Facebook

During an Internet out range, the Facebook user will be able to read the news feed almost normally. They can update their status and ant post. This new offline mode also will post comments and participate in conversations. The written messages will also be stored in smartphones and then will go live at Facebook at the moment when the internet connection is restored.

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A Mode Which Targets Emerging Markets

This new offline mode, Facebook wants to keep users in the application and also covers the markets of developing countries, where network connectivity is often limited. The social network Facebook had already introduced last year the opportunity to love and share publications while being offline.

facebook offline mode

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For now, Facebook does not specify when these changes come into effect. Here we will update this post with some new feature of Facebook Offline Mode as soon as it enabled for all users.