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Factors to be considered in selecting a power bank

As we know that power bank or portable charger is a tool that is able to accommodate and distribute battery power. In my previous post about How to choose Power Bank I given some tips before buying Power bank for you smartphone. Today i am showing some important factors to be considered for appropriate Powebank for you smartphone.

Some of my Facebook fan-page followers often ask me that they never use smartphone entire day but smartphone battery consumes very quickly, why?

Answer is, because the smartphone battery power quickly exhausted due to internet access which smartphones continuously use internet even at screen off.

Besides that, not infrequently other Smartphone users like Android, Windows Phone and iOS also use the power of banks as a complementary gadget. Over time, a lot of power bank with brands - brands that represent diverse market, it sometimes makes the Smartphone users random in choosing a power bank.

And with one of selecting a power bank, then it means that bring the problem to their smartphones. Therefore, at this time I will give information about choosing the appropriate power banks. Let's get on with it!

Factors to be considered in selecting a power bank


The first factor to be considered in selecting a power bank is quality. Consumers should consider the quality of the power bank, ie just how power bank charge to our Smartphone.


Brand is also one of the factors that must be considered.


Make sure you choose a power bank in accordance with your daily activities, for example you are a busy person would be much better to choose a model power bank that has a slim and sleek body so easy to carry - where and do not bother you.


Warranty is one of the important factors in choosing a power bank should consider, because it could not rule out the possibility that we have the power bank will buy broken or have problems in a certain period of time, therefore we also have to consider the matter of liability of the company. My advice chooses the power of banks that provide a minimum of one year warranty.


The final factor to consider is the price. Price with power or features are given the power bank for your gadgets.

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