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Faster and cheaper! Amazing Tips to transit

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Some time we feel very upset when we face delay of public transport even taxi, that time we feel very stressful. Today The Tricks Peak Dot com guide you to those apps that can be very help full during your holiday trip or Whether to go to party or for work, there are free apps that can turn any trip into a much more comfortable experience. Check it out!

  1. Moobi - Public Transportation

This app is for people who ride public transportation. The user has access to all the maps and all the subway lines, train and city buses, including the information is collected by them and included in the platform as a communication channel that can tell you if a station is busy or even any technical failure on the trains. For now is only available in the version of Android.

  1. Moovit - Public Transportation

If you are just a collective of internet connection to access the location of a vehicle in real time, and estimated time of arrival at the point and the best routes to get from one location to another. The app is now available in 7 Brazilian cities in versions for Android and iOS .

  1. Strava - Bicycling

Available for iOS and Android this is for anyone who goes biking around town. This is most famous app with cyclists because in addition to monitoring the ride to the distance traveled, speed, paths and routes on Google Maps, you can register segments or most used routes, making them visible challenging friends who also use the app.

  1. 99Taxis - Taxi

Registering the credit card on Paypal platform makes it unnecessary to pay pennies for the race. Even has several promotions as the campaign Johnnie Walker, who paid £ 30 of its race! Works every Friday and Saturday from 21h to 4h for over 18 years, but is valid for a limited time. In addition to discounts on the first travel has a benefit such as 50% discounts on the weekend for those who make part of Claroclube. Available for Android , iOS and Windows Phone .

  1. Easytaxi - Taxi

The most popular in Brazil, find your exact location via GPS smartphone and after confirmation of the order is possible to accompany him on the map.

  1. Sidecar: Drive

The app for iOS and Android local brand of departure and destination. Another user registered as a driver that is close by is alerted. If your destination is close to his way, a meeting is scheduled and it will take you to the point destination. To pay you must register a credit card in the app, where is suggested a "donation" calculated according to the distance to be traveled. Then you decide how much to pay, being above or below the suggested value (nothing ever).

  1. Uber

This has VIP treatment, fancy cars, drivers suit and water to board the vehicle. Payment is made ​​by credit card through the app, making it possible to know approximately how much it will cost according to your route before you travel. With registered drivers, also provides car options. Works in versions for Android ,  iOS  and Windows Phone .

  1. Zumpy - Free Ride

Still in development, following the mold of carpooling has the idea to bring together people with similar routes dividing car seats for free. This will require registering a route; the app will automatically connect to facebook, checking friends and friends of friends available. Who use the app will gain Z-moneys (virtual currency), which can be redeemed for discounts, let alone use, the better.

It is noteworthy that the last ride cited applications should be used with caution; the provision of security is questionable. Besides the huge dissatisfaction of taxi drivers who claim to be an error, because it does not have to follow the rules of the list price that the government imposes, but an agreed value by applications.

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