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Few Basic Tips for Basic Blogging

Few Basic Tips for Basic Blogging

Nabeel Shoro Blogging

This Tutorial shows you very basic tips, which make your blog one step ahead to peak of success. This is my personal experienced which I have learned in my blogging career. In my last post of 460 introducing words on bloging, I have also covered the basic tips that help you to understand blogging.

Your blog is not your

  • Usually, there is a choice of every person and he does what he likes. On the internet, you make a website, blog or software, but other people are using it. When making such a thing, you need to care others like and dislikes. It’s also applicable to make website or blog.

Blog is your home and you are a Host

  • Your visitors are your guests and treat them warmly and generously. A reader gives valuable time to your blog. He reads and comments. Encourage him, care his need, provide the necessary facilities.

Simplicity and light colors to choose

  • It is commonly seen that blogger uses many colors in one blog to make blog beautiful but readers encounter difficulties. Post area should be light background and keep writing color black.

Important Links and Location

  • In my view, Four types of links are the most important and significant, Latest Post, Categories, Pages and Search. Keep it in a place where it appears a significant.
  • After of these four types of linking system, some more links are new comments, RSS, Archives etc. A new reader does not have any special interest on it and those who are interested in, they surely find them.

Unnecessary use of things

  • Make your blog to the point. Choose specific topics for your blog, Read my post what to write a blog about and decide according your passion.

Note: - These are few tips, (with the change of time and technology may change in my thinking) hope you follow them and make a success blog. If you have any suggestion or related tip please comments, I will publish it with your name.