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Five Business Tips with Instagram

Instagram has become one of the social media that you must use. The use of mobile are growing into a major cause instagram success as well as a variety of businesses using instagram. It provides an opportunity for your brand to communicate with customers and of course can also become new customers. Instagram strength is easy and beautiful so you can also try some different marketing strategy.

Here are some things that need to be recognized in instagram.

Business Tips with Instagram

  1. Unique Photo

Excess instagram is the speed and ease of operation. Just use a smartphone, beautify the filter, then post. It took less than 5 minutes!

  1. Use Hashtags

My experience, use the #hashtag very significant in marketing via instagram. You can search for instagram what is commonly used in the relevant product or service. One expert instagram, Max Woolf has analyzed more than 120,000 posts and found that more hashtag will get more likes.

Make sure the hastag also made ​​relevant to the post that was made. And of course you can do research with some tools to search for the hashtag what is currently popular. One of the many tools that are recommended is Icon square.

  1. Build Trust

Create content that will benefit your followers. Make it simple, as well as a variety of information that can also be done by the customer. You also can create a sort of guide that can inspire your followers.

You also can add customer testimonials, how you serve customers. Remember to always be authentic. Try asking also the input of the follower, what they expect from you. More and more people are satisfied with the service, the service, your product then of opportunities followers are willing to transact with you will.

  1. Connect and Collaboration

The best way to increase brand awareness is to have the influencers who are willing to promote your product. As with other social media, there is a community in instagram also associated with the product. For example community fashion, the organic community, and so on, can also interact with the members who have extensive influence, and provide product samples for review.

Key influencers to get attention are to have quite a lot so it often appears on the page of your followers. For a small business, would need to actively seek the right influencers for our products and of course the opportunity to get followers of influencers. When we already find influencers and have a good engagement can certainly open up opportunities to collaborate further.

Consider also in some mutually instagram account cross post or known by #hast. The technique is very powerful. Think of collaboration you can build together.

If you have any products, try to contact me and see if we can cooperation!

  1. Post In Regular and Other Share in Social Media

Instagram requires consistency as well. Just specify the number of posts with your abilities, there are examples of clothing that post at least 4x a day. They combine the product posts, as well as funny words.

Certainly there is no exact figure so instagram your marketing success. Try to do trial and error to get the best results. Do your research with a different number of posts each day, distinguishing day and time, and then measure the results.

As a marketing tool you can certainly create further with instagram. For example: - making contest, mutual promotion and so on.

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