Getting travel insurance is easier

Travelers know all about purchasing tickets at the best prices, share how to book accommodation abroad cheaply, and can rent a car with their eyes closed. Today all these services can be selected and paid online without leaving home.

But when the trip has already been planned, the documents have been collected, and the vacation is taken, one mandatory item remains travel insurance.

Most people are sure that travel insurance is issued only with a travel agent or directly at the branch of the insurance company. They postpone registration until the last and then remember this already at the passport control of the airport upon arrival when the kind uncle of the border guard sends them on the return flight.

As a result, the vacation is ruined, the trip ends before it even starts, and the bookings are burned out along with the money. But this could have been avoided if everyone knew that travel insurance can be obtained online.

Getting travel insurance is easier than ordering pizza

The future has arrived. You no longer need to rush to the office during a work break to spend lunchtime queuing up to see an insurance agent. You do not need to pay him a commission for the fact that he incorrectly enters your passport data into the system. Online travel insurance is issued by the client independently and quickly. To do this, you need to have:

  • Internet connection;
  • data of the foreign passport of the person who needs to be insured;
  • bank card for payment;
  • e-mail to which the policy will be sent.

At the same time, do not lose sight of an important point: the reliability of an insurance company is an important factor on which the quality of services and the speed of reimbursement of expenses in the event of an insured event depend.

What determines the cost of “standard” insurance?

Standard travel insurance ensures the provision of timely and quality medical care (ambulance, inpatient, outpatient, and emergency dental), as well as additional services related to the provision of this assistance (transport and communication services).

The price of a travel policy depends primarily on the sum insured, which is determined by the destination. Also, the cost of standard travel insurance depends on the duration of the planned trip and the selected service package.

For example, the minimum program does not provide for emergency dental care, and inpatient treatment covers 10% of the insured amount per case.

You can arrange a suitable insurance program, the conditions of which will correspond to your vacation. We can calculate insurance for those traveling abroad for all companies, choose the options you need, arrange everything in 5 minutes, and receive ready-made insurance by e-mail.

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