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Google and Facebook Kings of Internet

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Google and Facebook Kings of Internet this title deserved for them, where their territory on the Internet is dominated by two "empires", namely Google and Facebook, according to researchers at Oxford University in England.

As shown by the map above, Google dominates most of the West and India, while Facebook dominate the Middle East, North Africa and large parts of Spanish-speaking America.

Although Facebook has mastered a large chunk of the global Internet market, the researchers show that in countries where social media is very popular, Google is not far behind.

Google and Facebook

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About 50 countries in which Facebook became the most visited pages, 36 of which puts Google in second place, and the rest put YouTube (which is now owned by Google)," according to the research .

While it shows the diversity of Asia, with China's search engine Baidu dominates half of Internet users in the country. The researchers also found that Baidu is the top sites in South Korea, but they acknowledge that there may be a peculiarity of data. On the other hand, it may also reflect the ambitions of Baidu outside of China.

Japan and Taiwan are exceptions in Asia because Yahoo! is the most popular websites in the two countries said on its website.

Although data from Sub-Saharan Africa are not yet available, but most of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, that have a significant population of the Internet is included. Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, and South Africa are included in the Google Empire, while Ghana, Senegal, and Sudan controlled by Facebook, according to the latest research.

We’re still in the early period of the Empire Internet. However territories formed now will have important implications to see which companies will control, how we communicate and access information in the future, according to the latest study conclusions.

Note: The data used in this research were collected from Alexa Company, which has been providing web analytic since 1996.

Congratulation Google and Facebook

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