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Google Chrome Video Downloader All-time Top 10 Extensions List

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Google Chrome has many top videos downloader extensions, can downloading videos from Facebook, downloading videos from Twitter. downloading videos from Youtube, DailyMotion, and all other video streaming sites easily. in general, these Google Chrome video downloaders may be easier than you might think. With the use of a Google Chrome extension, one click is enough for all videos to be transferred to your computer. Check out our list of 10 useful Google Chrome Downloader options to help you.

10. Flash Video Downloader

Google Chrome video downloader's list on number 10th is Flash Video Downloader. It can downloads flash videos from several different sources on the internet.

How to download videos with Google Chrome Flash Video Downloader?

Google Chrome Flash Video Downloader

To download a video, just click on the extension button next to the toolbar. You can choose from several quality options before downloading the file. Click here to Download Google Chrome Flash Video Downloader.

9. FBDown Video Downloader

FBDown Video Downloader

Want to download multiple video files at the same time to your computer? Then try FBDown Video Downloader. It is another program that allows you to download videos from any website, not just Facebook.
In addition, it supports a lot of different extensions (3GP, MP4, WMV, FLV, SWF) and can also download the files as MP3 music. Click here to download Google Chrome FBDown Video Downloader.

8. vGet Extension

If you want to download stream videos, use the vGet Extension extension. It allows you to share them with TVs that rely on DLNA technology.
According to its developers, the extension is designed to be minimally invasive, loading content only when the button is triggered. You can also download videos by choosing the file type and quality. Click here to download Google Chrome vGet Extension.

7. SaveFrom .net

Savefrom net

SaveFrom .net is another website and Google Chrome Video Downloader application capable of downloading almost any video from the internet. It is very interesting because it has link feature within the Savefrom site, making the activity even simpler and easier.
The program has two ways of downloading videos from the internet: through a Google Chrome Extension, which can be downloaded on your Windows browser; or by means copy past the link of the video in SaveFrom website. The more instructions are explained in the link this link.

6. Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader lets you download Facebook videos to both standard (SD) and high definition (HD) quality. It works very simply: when one of them appears in the timeline, all you have to do is click the downloading button next to the video bar to download.

When you click the button, a notification appears so you can choose the options to download the file. Then you should right-click and choose the save option. If videos are not detected by the extension, refresh the Facebook page. Click here to download Google Chrome Facebook Video Downloader.

5. Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is a part of the popular add-on launched for Firefox but it is also very useful and same functionality like FireFox. it allows you to download videos not only from Facebook but from many other video sources.
The extension offers numerous types of download options, in the most varied formats, such as MP4, 3GPP, WebM, as well as several different types of quality (standard definition and high definition). Download

4. Video Downloader professional

Video Downloader professional

If you want to create a list of videos without having to download them to your computer, then Video Downloader professional can be a good option. So you have quick access to the content that matters without having to go back to the original page of each site.
The extension also downloads the videos you want to the hard drive in various formats and qualities. In addition, it is capable of playing MP4 files through Chromecast, directly on your TV. Here is the link.

3. HD Video Downloader

The download tools seem endless and HD Video Downloader is another option for downloading music and videos from the internet. The program works with virtually any website including Facebook, Dailymotion, Blip, Metacafe, Break and many others.

2. GetThemAll Video Downloader

GetThemAll Video Downloader

Want to download almost everything on the page? Then try GetThemAll Video Downloader. The program is capable of downloading not only videos but also PDF files, images, and HTML content.
Just click on the extension button to get the complete list of files that can be downloaded from within the page. Select multiple files to be transferred at the same time through your own download manager.

Download here.

1. More Google Chrome video downloaders coming soon.