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Google Chromecast Basic Information and How to Setup

Nabeel Shoro Chromecast

[mks_dropcap style="letter" size="52" bg_color="#ffffff" txt_color="#000000"]G[/mks_dropcap]oogle Chromecast is a device that can connect directly to the HDMI port of our TV to receive stream media wirelessly. We just need a simple application for mobile and tablets that allows us to send music or movies to the device to start playback. How to use Chromecast? It is very easy! Just plug into a TV with HDMI port of the TV. HD Tv has a better result.Then connect via Wi-Fi to Chromecast

Features of Google Chromecast: With Google Chromecast we may also send our content to YouTube,, Google Play Movies, Google Play Music and we can send multimedia content from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the TV, at the one touch of a smartphone button.

Where to buy Chromecast and what is the price? We recommend you to access the official website of Chromecast, where you can buy it for a price of € 35 (Thirty Five Euro), So, you 35 Euro will turn your TV into a Smart TV to play your favourite content.

What is next step after bought Chromecast? Further in this post below, you will learn to the initial setup of your device before you start using it must make an initial basic configuration, which I will explain in this tutorial. Let's read, how to Initial Setup of  Chromecast?

Google Chromecast Basic Information

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The first thing to do is connect the Chromecast our television. Google did not design this device to be fed HDMI own, so we'll need additional power. This power can be supplied perfectly from a USB port of TV if our TV has one or the power adapter supplied with the purchase of this device. Once connected to our TV will select the corresponding channel to the HDMI port and start the configuration used.

The second thing to do is to ready to make our Android device to control, operate and configuration the Chromecast device. The application can be downloaded free of cost from the Play Store. Once we instal and run the application. Will analyze your environment and show us the Chromecast devices within reach.

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Press configuration button and begin initial setup and wait a few seconds for your device to connect to Chromecast.

(Please note) The first thing to do is to pair the two devices. It is as similar as when we pair two Bluetooth devices. Here we have to set a code to pair both devices then we confirm that this code is the same that appears on your smartphone and continue.

Name your device: The next step is to name the device. If you only use one device then this step is not important but if you have many devices in your home then a name will help identify our device among several.

Now continue with the next setup wizard of connecting Chromecast to WiFi network. This is vital to relay the data through our local network to any computer connected to the network can detect the device. Here enter the pass key of our network to continue with the configuration. Wait several seconds to apply all settings.

Now our Chromecast is configured and ready to use. The application will show the list of devices Chromecast now we are ready to begin transmitting.