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Google Hummingbird algorithm - How to Deal It

Nabeel Shoro Google SEO

Hummingbird algorithm is designed to focus on the meaning behind the keyword. Hummingbird ensures that all incoming queries in the form of a sentence or conversation, everything is taken into account. Hummingbird is quite challenging for SEO experts. Google is not much to discuss technical about these algorithms, but as we know that again Google’s aim to providing quality content for users so Hummingbird concentrate on Quality of websites content.

Google Hummingbird algorithm uses more than 200 ranking factors Google search to determine relevancy and quality score of a particular site. Hummingbird serves as a wall of separation between old SEO with the new SEO.

As a new SEO expert which now require a sharper understanding of your users and visitors. Now it no longer begins and ends with the keyword, it starts with the user and an understanding of what the user wants.

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Google Hummingbird key element not only algorithm updates like Google Panda or Google Penguin but a total change that is intended to deliver more relevant search results to users.

This is very notable that Hummingbird focuses on the use of longtail keyword phrases, instead of using exact the keywords.

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How to Deal with Google Hummingbird Algorithm

How to deal Google Hummingbird

Google's algorithm is more complex with all reforms, coupled with the presence of algorithms Hummingbird, which focuses on the meaning of keywords. Does old SEO strategy increasingly worrying? Website developer should not hesitate to make a change from previous SEO strategy, if  using natural ways in SEO, web owner is in the correct position.

As new SEO strategy, we need to understand how Google tries to improve search results, below are some elements that need to be considered.

Tricks Peak explains Google Conversational Search

Conversational search is a core element of Hummingbird algorithm. Did you know what conversational search is? Well, Google has announced first time its new conversational search in Google chrome browser, it’s only because a new update of Google search algorithm named Hummingbird. Google search technology can analyze spoken sentences and display matched result in SERP.

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Conversational search has a natural language and Google process by understanding the meaning so as to provide relevant answers.

Content writers must align their keywords and content. Have to use keyword-based conversational question in their content based website/blog. This strategy can boost your ranking in Google conversational result.

The keyword phrase "How to", writing the content would be better to answer user questions, to encourage visitor engagement. To answer the question in writing content, content writer should write case studies which are useful and interactive.